F1 Theme of the driving license: Null zu drei für Ferrari

Charles Leclerc immer ins Ziel, sein Gegner Max Verstappen nur ein Mal. Wird Zuverlässigkeit in diesem Jahr ein entscheidender Faktor? The fruit was treated in the process. Mercedes brachte als einziges Team in allen drei Rennen beide Fahrer in die Punkteränge.

Standstill warfare in the present year is clearly described as such. For the year 2021, 1.2 defects in the Grand Prix for which the technical conditions are applicable in Formula 1 have been determined.

In the present case, the technical equipment is replaced by the same method. Max Verstappen also witnessed the opening of the Grand Prix as follows: “The number of members of the Grand Prix in the first half of the year was not limited.” This is because a defective Ferrari vehicle from Red Bull with zero tires.

These are listed on the list of first and second hand beans. Fernando Alonso and Yuki Tsunoda were found in Melbourne to enter the engine, turbocharger MGU-H and MGU-K. Bei Tsunoda sind zwei Motoren unwiederbringlich verloren, bei Alonso zwei. Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris, and Sebastian Vettel, who had an office in Antrieb, entered “2”.


Mercedes brachte bisher immer beide Autos ins Ziel.

Dritter mit dem zweitschnellsten Auto

The aid granted to the Factories is a factor which is not recognized. The first step is 45 points for Charles Leclerc. Red Bull has been a self-propelled car in the WM-Table for Dritter. Zehn Punkte hinter Mercedes, die nach eigener Aussage derzit vom Speed ​​speeds nur num die Number fünf im Feld sind. The Court of Justice of the United States. The construction team will also be part of the team and all the cars in the section.

Alpine varchenkte durch technische Gebrechen viele Punkte. Alonso war in Jeddah auf dem Weg zum 6. Platz, als ein gebrochener Antrieb der Wasserpumpe dem Motor den Garaus machte. For the purposes of this Regulation, the engine of Bahrain is connected to the system.

Dö Ölleck, dons Alonsos Unfall in the Qualifications in Melbourne has been affected, the cost is indirectly the Sonntag WM-Punkte. The starting point for the Alpine in the Risk Strategy is not relevant. Alpine-Chef Laurent Rossi stellte fest: “The speed of the car is not high.

Carlos Sainz - GP Australien 2022

Motorsport Images

Ferrari hatched to the ground, the allergy of the cost of the train.

Rächt sich Red Bulls Traum vom eigenen Motor?

Red Bull Bullfight Helmut Marko has been given the opportunity to enter the field at the front. So you know that the white color of the Ferrari is the same as the Blumentopf. Schon am Morgen vor dem GP Australien gab es Alarm. Red Bull must be used in the manufacture of hydraulic fittings in Austria.

All the defects of the Red Bull train in the Umfeld des Motors auf. Honda selbst kann seine Hände offenbar in Unschuld waschen. It was used in the preparation of Red Bull with the construction of a high-performance machine, which was capable of being used in Japan.

Beim Schwesterteam Alpha Tauri sind die Verantwortlichkeiten geteilt. For the purposes of the agreement with Yuki Tsunoda in Jeddah, the account of Honda. The problem is the problem in Griff. The batteries are designed by Pierre Gaslys. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. Da ist es dann am Ende auch egal, wer Schuld hat.

Daniel Ricciardo has been in Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the year. For the purposes of this Regulation, the Member States of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland may not be required to do so. This is done in the pool area.

Aufatmen auch bei Haas: Der Ferrari-Motor in Mick Schumachers Unfallauto von Jeddah hat überlebt. Das ist seb Sebastian Vettels Motor, der sich im Freitagstraining in Melbourne mit einer Rauchwolke verabschiedete, noch nicht sicher.

Red Bull - GP Bahrain 2022


Bei Red Bull will die in Alarmglocken. Derived from the WM-Writing is the same.

The State Tax Office was granted by the Gewicht

The problem is technically unlikely to occur, as long as the vehicle is unused. The motor and the drive are on the right side of the package. Bouncing on the back of the material. The product was then treated with an E10-Sprit reagent engine.

In this context, a problem has arisen in the context of the dilemma of the Teams, such as the Bouncing-Falle such. For you, the Ghticht. The car with the Alfa Romeo car under the car is massively covered.

Marko klagt: “Wir sind zehn Kilo schwerer als die Ferrari, müssen aber unsere Autos standfester machen.” Ferrari-Teamchef Mattia Binotto can be seen as the owner of the company in Germany. “In the case of other motor vehicles, such as the motorsport company”.

The wall of the Ferrari has been used. “This is the case for performance. We have been able to address the issue, but we have the right to do so. This is the first step in this priority.”


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