F1-Technik 2022er Autos: Drei Bouncing-Familien

This is the case where the Grundeffect-Autos angeboren ist. Bouncing war schon vor 42 Jahren ein Thema, das die Ingenieure in Atem hielt. The Brabham-Teamman Herbie Blash was assigned to the 1980 Test in Rio, as the Schauteln des Autos plötzlich auftrat. “These methods are used to reduce the effects of the product. These effects have been shown to be effective. These methods are also used in the manufacture of the automotive equipment.”

Löcher im Unterboden helfen auch heute noch. Doch sie kosten massiv Rundenzeit. “Schlimmer als wenn du die Bodenfreiheit erhöhst”, edited by Aston Martin-Technikchef Andy Green. “Löcher allein sind keine Lösung”, heißt es auch bei Mercedes. Beide Teams stecken tief in der Bouncing Falle. It is considered to have been issued in accordance with the Financial Regulation. The operation of the Mercedes is preceded by an aerodynamic problem.


Adrian Newey kennt noch die alten Groundeffect-Autos.

Hatten Byrne und Newey eine Vorahnung?

However, the intensity of the phosphorus was reduced, as far as the brake, the Ferrari and the Red Bull were not used to make the passage. “Ferrari hat with Rory Byrne is an engineer on the ground, the ground floor effect is not a war, Red Bull with Adrian Newey”, so is Verdacht.

The decision does not apply to the matter. Haas-Teamchef Guenther Steiner glaubt: “This is a problem that has arisen. We have been able to meet the needs of the Griffin.

For Mercedes-Ingredients: “For a total of 100 experiments, this is an alternative to the use of a vehicle. It is suitable for the use of vehicles, such as flanges, for example. ” For this purpose, the car of Lewis Hamiltons Auto in Melbourne has been sold. According to the Lager des Konstrukteurs-Weltmeisters, he stated:

Carlos Sainz - Ferrari - Barcelona-Test - DRS - 2022


The Ferrari wielded from the head, and the bouncing was carried out by the wrench.

Schaukeln wie in Zeitlupe

Jedes Auto scheint anders von dem Phänomen betroffen zu sein. Trotzdem lässt sich deld Feld in drei Bouncing-Familien einteilen. Mercedes and Aston Martin are also the best manufacturers and manufacturers in the area. Der Ferrari and Alpine are located in the south of Sweden, so that they are mass-produced in Bord, in particular. Red Bull and McLaren are not known for their consumption.

The gold formulas are not available. Ferrari and Red Bull have been sold in Germany. The structure is reduced, then reduced to a maximum of air. I am able to do so without having to go to the wall. “Kein Auto schlägt so viele Funken wie der Red Bull”, fällt Ferrari-Teamchef Mattia Binotto auf. Schlussfolgerung: “For the purposes of this Regulation.” Mercedes-Engenieure was used, but the Red Bull in Stand had a relatively high level and was considered to be completely absent.

The vehicle is equipped with aerodynamic stability. Wärrendt das eigene Auto nur in einem kleinen Fenster von Bodenfreiheiten den gewünschten Abtrieb liefert, bleibt der Ferrari über eine größere Bandbreite von Fahrzeughöhen stable. Der Alpine fällt in das gleiche Raster. It is known that the fruit is dried. “The Ferrari Pilot is in the direction of the car, and then the car is in the area”, says Spione. Charles Leclerc said that, in the case of the Bouncings, he would be able to enjoy the comfort and convenience of his life. Ferrari will do the work. The position at the beginning of this year is determined by the nature of the situation.

Daniel Ricciardo - McLaren - Formula 1 - GP Australien 2022


McLaren quich nich mit Bouncing. If necessary, the MCL36 is shown above.

Six Red Bull Bouncing Gels?

The Mercedes is also equipped with a circuit with a low amplitude. If necessary, the car will be replaced or shifted to the press. For the purposes of the Agreement. “We have been involved in the construction of the curves. We have been working with the curves on the curves.

Red Bull and McLaren are practiced in the form of bouncing, which has not been used for many years. “We are still a member of the Schlag with the Upgrade, which has been tested in Bahrain,” said Helmut Marko, Director of Sport. The use of such products is not possible. These are halved for a second time. Tatsächlich waren es acht Zehntel. Conclusion: “The problem is the same as in the case of the problem.

The Red Bull has been used for aerodynamic purposes, and the air conditioner has been shown to be free of mercury. These concentrates are used in the preparation of the feed, the Red Bull having the same effect. “Das Auto fährt extrem tief, bleibt aber komplett ruhig.” This is an artistic improvement.

McLaren ist ein Sonderfall. The car has been used to remove the gel, and the mixture is completely free. “The process is a function of the production and operation of the plant. The production of the production and operation of the plant is complete,” said Aston-Martin-Technikchef Andy Green. This is the case, and McLaren may be reliably affected. This is indicated by the abutment and swing of the airfoil.

Lewis Hamilton - Formula 1 - GP Australien 2022


Mercedes bekommt sein Auto nicht in das gewünschte Aerodynamik-Fenster.

Mercedes bangt und hofft

For the Bouncing-Opener Mercedes and Aston Martin, the number is set at the top of the number, and the basic concept of the formulation has been completed. Binotto warnt a eigener Erfahrung: “Die Formel, dass man einfach nur das Bouncing wegbringen muss und damit eine, For a second time.

To this end, the colleague Toto Wolff states: This compromise is based on the concept set out above. “

The budget is set at the end of the year, including the green area. George Russell said: “This time, there was a shortage of service. This upgrade will not function. You will not be able to use the car in the service, but it will be closed.”


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