F1-Einstieg Audi & Porsche: VW gibt grünes Licht

Drei Hürden is a member of the Formula 1 test for the genome of the VW Audor and Porsche. The company will be able to supply and use the equipment. The formulation of the VW Group is based on the Formula 1 composition in principle. It is registered with the Aufsichtsrat des Concerns in Wolfsburg. This is the case in paragraph (7.4). The information on the car engine and sports equipment is a positive feature.

The Group has decided on the following: “Standards and accessories for Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG and Audi AG are intended to be used in the group market for the purposes of Formula 1. The details of the market for Audi and Porsche are as follows. ” The decision is worded as follows: is the subject of an audit of Audi. “

These are also audited by the Porsche of the Company in the Motorcycle Classes active in the field. In the final case, the final decision is taken as far as possible. The group of companies may be involved in the implementation of the project.

Alles steht und fällt with the regulations for the year before 2026, the June of which the FIA ​​will continue to do so. Experts often say that we are still dealing with problems in October. This is not the case when the vehicle is connected to the motor vehicle unit.

Sean Bull Design

Audi and Porsche will start with the planning for F1 in 2026.

Technical production of the lock manufacturer

The technical formula of Formula 1-Antriebs is used in particular. The V6 Turbo is a 1.6 liter hub, which is equipped with an electric motor. The MGU-H is used. The MGU-K is designed to be electrically operated. The engine is designed to run at 350 kilowatts (476 PS) from the unit and the electric motor.

Dozu kommt zu 100 Prozent CO2-neutraler Kraftstoff. The budget is based on the cost of the budget. The increase is 140 million dollars in red. The Automotive Group is responsible for technical and administrative assistance. Auch as the financier of the Court. The costs are limited to those in which they are used. Topteams mit guten Sponsorverträgen wie Mercedes or Ferrari arbeiten bereits profitabel. Bei Alpine soll es 2023 so weit sein. In the preparation of Formula 1, a mixture of the same and the same formulation is used. This year, according to the Company, 2026 of Honda will be sold.

However, the status of the engine manufacturer is checked by the Budgetary Authority for the engine manufacturer and is not included in the cost of the transfer to the manufacturer. The FIA ​​will be able to start its work. These are also used in the manufacture of parts and accessories from the manufacturer Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault. This is due to the fact that the Red Bull Powertrains are not part of the Neulings and are used in alliances with the Porsche for the purpose of combining them.

Audi - F1-Concept - Chris Paul Design - 2022

Chris Paul Design

Now we have a partner in our Audi zusammenspannt. The best of the cards are sold by Sauber.

Ohne Reglement keine Zusage

In addition, in Ingolstadt and Zuffenhausen, the final use of the formulation of the Formula 1-based vehicle is carried out in the form of motor sports equipment according to the procedure. The contract for the purpose of the group is to cover the land. The test is based on the formulation of Formula 1.

The ingot detergent is applied with a McLaren coating to the automotive part and to the Formula 1 team. The Autogeschäft is controlled by the McLaren Group, and 67 percent of the Rennstalls are included. Wer McLaren Automotive or you will be given the right to use an automation of the British Company.

McLaren is currently interested in Rennstall from the market. What the Boom of the Classes of the Formula-1 Teams is based on. It is possible for other companies to enter the company, including McLaren Automotive, which is a partner in the production of hybrid power plants. We also use a large number of vehicles from BMW.

For them, Mr McLaren is a member of the Audi Chamber of Commerce. Ein Brancheninsider warnt: “The matter will be audited by McLaren as soon as possible. It is possible for the company to be able to sell its products in the same way as before.

Audi schaut sich bereits nach Alternativen um. Williams is now off the map. An increase in the number of traditional traditions in 2005 is due to the two Williams and BMW.

Aston Martin AMR22 - F1-Auto 2022

Aston Martin

Aston Martin also offers an interesting wall that can be used with Audi accessories.

Aston Martin fragt and Audi an

Damit steht nun Sauber auf der Pole Position der Übernahmekandidaten. For the purposes of this Regulation Audi kennt Sauber, weil im Windkanal from Hinwil das Le-Mans-Auto mitentwickelt wurde. Audi-Technikchef Jan Monchaux is working in the mission of Sauber.

The team member Finn Rausing from the company, which will meet the requirements of the team will be rebuilt. The invention is based on the personal and ideological framework of Formula 1. The development of McLaren is based on the development of Sauber and Schnapps. Sauber hätte auch mit einer Namensänderung kein Problem. Eidgenossen was used in 2006 and 2009 for the flagship of BMW and not Alfa Romeo, which is not included in the scope of the Car in Malta. Das Auto also has an Audi track. The Pact with the British Teams is based on McLaren-Audi or Williams-Audi.

This is a well-maintained building that can be used as a floor-standing floor. The Aston Martin is also available for sale. Besitzer Lawrence Stroll from the wild boats on the road to the Motor and the Start.

In this case, the redundancies to the Red Bull will be challenged. The Red Bull Powertrains are also a new player in the market. Red Bulls Motorensparte six bereits rund 50 Mitarbeiter von Mercedes abgeworben.

According to the plan, the contract was not implemented. For the Canadian billionaire, Mercedes-Motor HPP in Brixworth has been sold in other parts of the country, with the exception of the Ore and the Ola Källenius Group, which has been granted such aid. From the Formula 1 circuit, the stroller of the joint venture was audited by a joint venture.

Porsche Design-Concept - F1 2022 - Sean Bull Design

Sean Bull Design

Porsche scheint bereits mit Red Bull is also part of the Partner Association.

Und was the Porsche?

Porsche kocht sein eigenes Süppchen. That is not the case with the Teams. They are part of a partnership with the Research and Development Partnerships. The Partner is barred from the Hand. The contact details for Red Bull are sluggish. I stand and schol 2018 in the course of this year. The engines of the Red Bull Powertrain are used in the manufacture of electric motors.

Audi will be able to complete the operation of the start-up, the start-up of the engine at Porsche 2018 will be completed, and the Formula-1 project will be completed at the start of the diesel-fuel cycle. This was done.

These rules apply to the audible and detailed design of the communicator. Bei Red-Bull-Porsche gibt es da ein Wunsch-Szenario. The right of the partners to join the network in the Netherlands is the GP Austria.


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