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The new Formula 1 is used in the form of a blanket. Das ist nur scheinbar ein Widerspruch. For the purposes of this Article, this Article shall apply. Ferrari and Red Bull have been involved in the operation of the Feldes. Dann folgt ein einsamer Mercedes. We also offer a compact unit that is not suitable for Alpine, Haas, Alfa Romeo, Alpha Tauri and McLaren. Am Ende etwas abgeschlagen Aston Martin und Williams.

Doch warum ist das so? It is also possible to carry out the operation in a group which is not approved. With Ferrari you can choose a car with a seat, a seat and a seat with a spit. With Aston Martin and the Vertreter des Gleichen Concept in End. The red bull rennen mit Seitenkästen, the die in the form of a ramp on the diffuser and the other loops.

Alpine and Alpha Tauri verlieren mit der vergleichbaren Idea acht Zehntel bis eins Seconde. Mercedes is equipped with a seven-wheel drive Kraft. The genus is also used for Mercedes, but also for both McLaren and Williams.


Williams and Aston Martin will be working in the Mercedes and will not be left behind by the Bouncings.

The first Frage: Wie viel Fahrzeughöhe?

Aston-Martin-Technikchef Andy Green rät beim Auflösen des Rätsels nicht zu seff a die imußerlichkeiten zu schauen. The first sentence is based on point. These are used for the purpose of transporting the car. In this case, the provisions of this Regulation apply to the construction of the data according to the best concept.

Green: “I do not know how much detail is required in the case of the system. This is due to the fact that the geometry of the vehicle is the same as that of the vehicle. , the first half of which is unauthorized Autos haben. “

As a result, the Regulation does not go beyond what is necessary in order to achieve this objective. “It is intended to be used in the form of a car. It is intended to be used in the form of cars. In addition to the requirements of this Regulation.

Ferrari - Formula 1 - GP Australien - April 8, 2022


For Ferrari: The F1-75 has been tested in Germany.

Hoch und weich gegen tief und hart

It is intended to apply to the Bouncing. Also, the effect of the car on the other side of the car is absolutely good, and the best of these are used. Das ist Physik, der sich keiner entziehen kann. Und docs einige Teams besser damit zurecht als andere. Der Grund has been shown to be simple. These concepts can be optimized and aerodynamics can be optimized. It is possible to obtain the formulation of the formulation. However, this means that the air is critically exposed to a critical phase. This is because the Red Bull is relatively independent.

Thus, the group of cars in which the group is built: Also a Ferrari and a new car in Alpine, Haas and Alfa Romeo. Sie haben Bouncing, sind aber dagegen relativ unempfindlich. In this case, the fuse and the fence are connected to the wall. Also Mercedes, Aston Martin und Williams.

Sergio Perez - Red Bull - GP Australien 2022 - Melbourne


The Red Bull was therefore a well-known producer. Rot18 is denied for RB18 not in Schaukeln.

Sonderfall Red Bull and McLaren

Red Bull and McLaren hit Sonderfalle on the wall. The Red Bull has been bouncing with the upgrading of the Test Board in Bahrain. Unterboden und Seitenkästen waren neu. The Red Bull, with the exception of the Dreiviertel-Secunde, was replaced by a competitor, and the troupe of Adrian Newey was appointed as a member of the Bouncing Party. In the case of Red Bull, a relatively large number of vehicles were used, and the car was not fully equipped.

McLaren had a problem with the pump at the head. In Barcelona, ​​we have been able to function as well, and our teams from the center of the city have been overwhelmed and have not been found. Als die gefunden waren, rutschte McLaren ab. Lando Norris claims that the Court of First Instance should:

Lewis Hamilton - Lando Norris - GP Australien 2022 - Melbourne


Mercedes and the Company is a problem with both the air handling unit and the air.

Mehr Fahrzeughöhe, mehr Luftwiderstand

The connection is either out of the way, and the spices are used. “Einige Teams has been set up to carry out the operation of the vehicle in a special vehicle,” said Green. “For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply to vehicles of the same type as those of the vehicle.”

These vehicles can be used up to a maximum of 40 millimeters in the design area. Das kostet bis zu 40 Punkte Abtrieb. This is done in seconds. The compensation and the flow of the compensation are dramatically limited. Damit erklärt sich auch warum Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin doppelt gestraft and auf den Geraden so langsam sind. This is the case with Zufall, which is under the Mercedes-Motor Heck.

In the case of the Teams, there is a problem that has arisen in the Autos of Barcelona for the construction of the strike. The list of compromises between Mercedes, Aston Martin and McLaren in the case of a company is still in place. This is the case under the auspices of the Community. “In this case, the process is a complex, sonic and complex process, and the concept of the compound is further reduced,” said Green.

Sebastian Vettel - Aston Martin - GP Australien 2022 - Melbourne


Aston Martin said: I would like to see a solution for AMR22.

This is the case

In this case, the bouncing in the griffin is used as an opener for the phases with the aid of the sheaves. In the case of a shuttle in the car park, the car of the carriage is absolutely free from the carriage. “These measures apply to the construction of the market, which is the subject of the present case.”

In the case of pre-treatment, the solution to the problem is determined by the fact that the construction process in the Gryffrace is limited, or the fraction of the substance is used and the water is removed. These concepts and concepts are described above. “It is very clear that the problem of bouncings will be overwhelmed,” said Green.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. The Aston-Martin-Technikchef is optimistic: “We have been able to use the other parts of the vehicle. The problem must be removed.

At the Technical Service, the company will be able to use the car in Rennen in Melbourne.


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