Ex-US Commander: “Russia becomes a tag swindler”

Putin Armmee kommt in der Ukraine langsamer voran als erwartet. The former US Major General Michael Repass can now be trained – he is a Ukrainian Soldier trained.

Mr. Major General, who wants to be the last Mal beim Ukrainian Militar?

Michael Repass: Ende Januar 2022 hatte ich mein letztes Engagement, 2021 war ich Berater des Generalstabs in Kiew. During the year, in September, I also visited the train stations west of Lwiw, which the Russians had the most.

The Ukrainian Army lists Russia very strongly. How long have Ukrainers been through?

Repass: I do not know about the location of the Ukrainian street signs. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs, but you do not have permission to create this page. When you make your way to the Krieg with an unarmed Army, take the Kräfteverhältnis gleicht sich immer mehr an. You must uphold a morally motivated position, and you must prove your brutal aggression against the Homeland. The Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian Volk were fortified in the Kampf, so the Mittel had. Ich sehe nicht, dass sie kurzfristig capitulieren, besonders jetzt, da Russlands Offensive ins Stocken geraten ist. The dynamics can be found in Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has cut his troops into an inscription. Wie steht es um die Putin-Einheiten in der vierten Woche des Conflicts?

Repass: The Russians become one tag swindler. Vermutlich sind mehrere Tausend ihrer Soldaten bereits gefallen, darunter einige Generale. The Ukrainians have allied themselves with the 475 Russian Panzer on Sunday, Putin has already started the 1200 Panzer in Einsatz in Ukraine. Dazu haben die Ukrainer russische Helikopter in der Luft und am Boden vernichtet, sowie zahlreiches anderes Militärmaterial unschädlich gemacht. For the Russians it’s scurrying, the Verluste zu ersetzen, weil sie enorme Schwierigkeiten bei der Logistics and beim Nachschub haben. Das alles zehrt an der Moral der Truppe.

Has Ukraine also had a military chance to win?

Repass: Yes. Aber is unequivocally denounced in the wake of the Conflict. Ich schottes die Verluste on the Ukrainian page on a Drittel der russischen Verluste.

Wie lautet das Erfolgsgeheimnis der ukrainischen Streitkrfte?

Repass: The Militia of Ukraine has a map of Arbeit and they are also shown through the enormous Willensstärke. You are welcome to visit Putin Soldiers. They are also not overbearing. President Wolodymyr Selensky set himself at the Amtsantritt 2019 on the Reform of the Strkkräfte, and also the Führung from. If you are young General am Ruder, since 2014 the Russians and the pro-Russian Rebels in the Donbass have been defeated. Selenskyj was also accompanied by a new Minister of Defense, Oleksyj Resnikow, a leading man. Hinzu kommen moderne Ausbildung und Ausrüstung. The current Armed Forces of Ukraine has joined NATO forces and has been part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2014. The withdrawal of Ukrainian Halbinsel Krim from Russia is not possible.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky wendet sich an sein Volk.

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Posts about the release.

Repass: Nehmen wir die Spezialkäfte. Das sind Soldaten, die oft an vorderster Front kämpfen, offensiv und verdeckt. These high-altitude Ziele befreeien Geiseln odr schalten Zielpersonen aus, wie beispielsweise Terrorchef Osama bin Laden by US Special Forces 2011. In the last year, one of the Special Forces of Ukraine. The installation, the tactical training, the military correct Verhalten, the other Determination will be included. I sports the dynamic Dynamic. This Ukrainian language has also been used by US Special Forces commandos. You will receive a letter from the Instructor from NATO. The company has a NATO NATO Instruction for the Protection of Soldiers. Since then, the Ukrainian troops have been training with NATO and the United Nations.

What are some of the Waffle flights from Germany and other NATO countries for the support of Ukraine?

Repass: Enormous wichtig. The Front Command and its units are equipped with armored systems and air defense systems. With the German Panzerfaust 3, the Javelin Anti-Panzer Missile will fly the Stinger or SA-7 cannons from the Ukrainians to the Russian Empire. Naturally, the Waffent transport transport is very convenient, as the Russians do not have deliveries in Visier.

Russia will save you the latest Kinzhal-Hyperschallraketen zest ersten Mal in der Ukraine eingesetzt, um a Waffenlager im Westen des Landes zu zerstören. Can you play Rockets in a Game Changer for Putin?

Repass: I do not have to wait for the Waffe to reach the Conflict within the Conflict, but they do not have enough money.

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Wieso kommen Putin Putin Troops so langsam voran?

Repass: The Russian General Staff, General Valery Gerassimow, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Schoigu, and the late Putin, have, in particular, shown their special interest in the military operation. Zwei Beispiele. The Russians want to leave, while the Ukrainians do not want to understand this. Genau das Gegenteil ist aber der Fall. The two Russians were driven together, and with one of the large motorized Streets in Ukraine they could operate. A brief overview of the Kremlin troops was given at the Matches in the North of Ukraine. When a bicycle arrives from the street, it is easy to steal. Erinnern wir us an den 40 Meilen langen russischen Militärkonvoi auf dem Weg nach Kiew. Es gab Pannen, Schäden and Spritmangel bei Fahrzeugen. The vehicles that come in contact with you do not have to worry about the contents being removed from the road. Wegen des Matsches.

Do you also like the Russian news about it?

Repass: Yes, the Russian Narcissists do not have access to the information contained herein. They can also say that this company has an interesting picture of Putin. Putin shared the information, which I do not know.

Which strategic mistakes did Russia make?

Repass: It has been widely reported that the Central Command and the Communications Channel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be closed. The joint game of Luft- and Bodenoffensive is based in Russia. The military campaign is designed to be complex and well maintained. You do not have any Kampfkraft and Logistics for the Operation. The US Secretary of State and his Coalition Partners launched the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq with one of the most influential air forces, the military infrastructure. Erst danach begann der Einmarsch in das iraqisch besetzte Kuwait.

Which military strategy did the Russians follow?

Repass: The Russians have a very destructive campaign campaign. They support cities, infrastructure, energy and water supply systems, water supply systems. They all get the Civilization. If the city is unbelievably safe from the Russians of the last Militia. Wir sehen das jetzt in Mariupol. The Russians would like to see a Ukrainian conscience in the eastern part of Ukraine. So make your way to Syria-Krieg in Aleppo and then to Tskhetschenien-Krieg in Grosny.

More as members: Wie viele Menschen waren in dem Theater in Mariupol, als es angegriffen wurde?

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Wie viel schlimmer kommt es noch?

Repass: I befürchte, es wird noch schlimmer. If the Russians fortify their Vernichtungsorgie Georgia, they can go to the UNHCR Scholarships for 18 million people in the Flute. Oder mehr. Das w ere eine beispiellose humanitarianitäre Katastrophe.

Will Putin go to Ukraine and take the nuclear war in Ukraine to Ukraine?

Repass: Ich sehe keine Umstände, die ihn dazu bewegen würden, mit Atomwaffen zu operieren.

Zur Person: Michael Repass, Ex-Commandant of US Special Forces Command Europe, has been briefed and trained since his retirement in Washington, DC.

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