Events in Oberndorf: Kulturamt stellt Program for 2022 vor – Oberndorf & Umgebung

Heidi Kuhring (links) and Anna-Maria Zeller get the cultural program ahead. The last one is an Easter concert. Photo: Reimer

With the young Lockers of the Crown Masses, you can also enjoy the cultural life. The Oberndorfer Kulturamt will fill in the annual program of the halls and beaches.

Oberndorf – Wenig Zuschauer, a lot of people and no planning security – the pandemic hats the cultural life in the war of two years in the Middle Ages. It is also a light start for Anna-Maria Zeller, who since July has been the new cultural manager of the city of Oberndorf. Doch mittlerweile herrscht Aufbruchstimmung. Combined with Heidi Kuhring, Amtsleiterin Kultur, Jugend und Senioren stellte Zeller das Pogramm für das Jahr 2022 vor.

Concert at the East

The first events in the monastery church are located in this year. The next back is also beautiful. On April 18, pianist Henriette Gärtner played a piano concerto. The art of the Oberndorf state in all the years of the Ostermontag is a visit and is again a part of the program. The Rockabilly-Aftritt der of the band “The Bang Gang”, which the Corona is always up to, must be chosen on April 29.

In the first half of the year you can also find the last master concerts of the 2021/22 season. Am 23. April tritt das Dresdner Streichquartett auf. Als Ersatz für das ausgefallene Neujahrskonzert, wird am 14. Mai da Acelga Bläserquintett auftreten, so Kuhring. The New Year’s Eve concert is always open to the Lemberg Philharmonic. The music is celebrated in Ukraine. The South West Mozart Society, organized by the master concerts, is also in contact with music. With sorge he also visited in Oberndorf da Schicksal der Musiker.

Metal Concert Ende Mai

Take a number of interesting concerts and art shows on the program. So found in the Klosterbaugalerie on the 22nd of May, a vernissage of the artist Katja Lüdtke statt. Your work will be completed until August 6.

The Black Forest Music Festival is open to the public on May 24 in Oberndorf. Here are the winners of the international music festival of the ARD on. Visitors have received a “chamber musical high score”, in the application.

In the collaboration with the Oberndorfer Musikinitiative (OMI), Ende Mai found a metal concert at the Klosterhof. OMI celebrates its 30th anniversary. Also, Oberndorfer Vereine should be visited, and the cultural life will be returned to Fahrt. The City Chapel will be held on May 7 at a concert in the monastery church. In addition to the “Bürger für Bürger” association, the music chapels will be held in June and July at the Orlente Serenaden Concert on the shoe market.

Summer night and culture summer

Feast of the program will also be held again on July 27 until July 3 at the Klosterhof, together with the film parades and the cultural forum on the Bein table. Also, the cultural sum will be added.

The new master concert season, Cabaret in the Crown Hall, the 40-year-old Partnerstadt Jubilee with Thierville (France), the Oberndorf Slam and other events run around the program, and in this year again with the Christmas market.

“In Oberndorf wird einiges los sein,” said Kuhring. This is a program that has been created before the Corona Times. Man wolle die Kultur in der Oberndorf viederbeleben und sich ein Stammpublikum erarbeiten.

Vorfreude bei den Künstlern

As soon as the masses are allowed to come, they have to go to Zeller. The capacity of the convent is limited, in the monastery church there are only 150 out of 400 visitors. Guide to masterpieces for you. The 3G features are also available, and only 30 events are available in the event. Doch nicht nur im Kulturamt ist die Vorfreude groß. “Die Künstler freuen sich na vergangenen Jahren über je jeden Auftritt.”, Sagt Zeller.


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