Eurodistrikt will den Sport more than one city – Lahr

The Gremium was established in 2022.

In the case of the Ministry of Transport, the Council of the Eurodistric Strasbourg-Ortenau am Mittwoch in Lahr gotagt. The current year 2021 has been extended to the Member States for 2022 years.

In addition, the Board of Governors referred to the terms of reference of the Vice-President Jeanne Barseghian on the “Glücksfall bei diesen Inzidenzen”. Sowohl der Ratspräsident und Landrat Frank Scherer als auch Lahrs Oberbürgermeister Markus Ibert fielen durch eine Corona-Infektion aus, ebenso wie viele weitere Ratsmitglieder. The Invasion in Ukraine “was established by the European Economic and Social Committee in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, the Landrat Scherer in the State of the Republic of Germany, respectively. In addition to the report, Céline Geissmann, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee, was responsible for the implementation of the Best Practices for the implementation of this Regulation.

The Vice-President of the United Kingdom signed a report on the application of this Regulation. The project in the field of Eurodistress has been implemented on the basis of the “Kilometere Solidarité” Kinder-Spendenlauf. Home offices and videoconferencing have been developed by the company. However, in the case of Eurodistricts, the provisions relating to the implementation of the project may not be implemented.

For the year 2021, a total of EUR 972 000 was transferred to the company. The comments on the comments were submitted to the Council in December. For the production and supply of a total of EUR 74 000, the production and supply of a total of EUR 1,8 million have been paid. The plan was amended accordingly.

This measure is based on the rules of the European Sports Agency. The number of such projects is 2019, with a total of 600 athletes and 100 employees. Derogation from the provisions of this Regulation is justified. The master plan was issued between 2022 and 2026 with a co-financing of EUR 6,000. The total price is EUR 1000.

It is considered that the “Spiel & Parle” project was launched in September. The main purpose of the operation is to carry out the work of the workshops. For a short time, we will partner with you and ask you to contact us. For the year 2022/23, the budget of the budget of EUR 40 000 was paid and some of the costs are still available.

This is the case with the introduction of criteria for the establishment of a cultural fund. However, the blood or other products used in the manufacture of the kernel have been removed. The criteria and criteria set out above apply to the Secretary-General Anika Klaffke.

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