Euphorie und Nachdenklichkeit: Paralympics in Beijing enden Freie Presse


Friedhelm Julius Beucher said that the emotion of the Emotion was very clear. Und solch company Paralympics schon gleich gar nicht. It is possible to carry out an unexpected application of the same type of wood in Beijing and in the same way as before.

“With regard to sports activities in Germany, which are not yet covered by the rules of China”, the President of the German Customs Association (DBS) is responsible for the German press agency.

Paralympics end with “Gemischten Gefühlen”

For the purposes of the Agreement between Ukraine and the Republic of Ukraine on the importation of cereals into the territory of the United States of America .

“Ib bin unwahrscheinlich glukcichich und euphorisiert über Abschneiden”, sagte Beucher, seit 2009 As part of the Rücktritten, Krankheiten und Verletzungen de desimierten Team, dad mit geringsten Erwartungen angetreten war, holte der DBS mit 19 The medallion is still present in Jahany in Pyeongchang, wenn auch weniger Gold. As the rank of the medieval match is in the top 10, the German rank is set in the median match. “Wei feiern hier eigentlich jeden Tag eine Medaillenparty, Herr Bundeskanzler”, verriet Snowboarder Matthias Keller in einer Videochalte Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz.

“In this case, the applicant is not involved and is not involved,” said Beucher. If the Doppel Paralympic Games were performed by Anna-Lena Forster, she would be able to perform a special event in the year 15 as a result.

“Küken-WG” step Medaillen

“The Black Forest and the Black Forest according to the ‘Küken-WG’ are a sensory gesture”, said Beucher: ” unsuccessfully, they are generic. “

Während die Youngster ihre Erfolge scheinbar gelassen genossen, flossen auch viele Tränen. So Andrea Rothfuss, the Bronze at the Rocks has been involved in the development of a medieval medieval and emotional party in the Slalom Gold Soccer Stables. Oder bei Eröffnungs-Fahnenträger Martin Fleig, der seine career quarries and nach Gold in Pyeongchang diesmal in 10-Kilometer-Biathlonrennen Silber holte. The name of the company will be given to the team by the team: “Unsere Wachser sind Gold-Wachser, unsere Ärzte sind Künstler.”

Vieles um den Sport herum verlief jedoch betrüblich. The requirements of this Regulation apply to two species of wood and have been subjected to a high degree of extinction and evaluation. Laut Beucher is not a member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), but also of the Organizations Committee (OCOG). “As far as the OCOG is concerned, it is considered that the IPC will be affected by the IPC”,

DBS-Präsident mahnt Klassifizierungen an

The IPC was described by the DBS President as a member of the Russian and Belarussian Athletes.

It is possible for the present invention to be performed in the same way as in the case of the present invention. “In the case of physiology, it is not possible in this class,” says Beucher.

The strict Corona-Maßnahmen derivative. According to this report, the tests were carried out in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 519.486. Davon waren sechs positiv, davon fünf Athleten oder Offizielle. (dpa)

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