Eishockey: Geschwächte Capitals schalten KAC aus

The products are intended to be used for the purposes of this Regulation. In the league history, the 16th day of the “Game Seven” and the 13th day of the year have been completed. Ebenfalls in the grounds of Red Bull Salzburg (4: 0 from Znojmo) and Fehervar (4: 0 from Pustertal), respectively, are used for the purpose of obtaining a half-price for the first half of the year. The “Bullen” is registered in Vienna as part of the Hungarian Government.

The capsules are used for the treatment of coronaviruses and for the recovery of the strains. Positive war, with the aim of Bernhard Starkbaum wie auch Vertesiger Matt Prapavessis nach positiven Antigen-Schnelltests dank negative PCR-Tests wenige Hours der Partie freitesten konnten. In this case, the factor, the stark bacon in the folk and the batch crop are treated and finished with a parade of seeds.

GEPA / David Bitzan

For the purposes of this Regulation, the capital of the CAC may be reduced to

Caps-Angriff nach Rückstand

Luke Moncada was born in Vienna for the last few minutes. In this case, Lopp Haudum (9th) and Thomas Koch (27th) are part of a party in the field of research. The caps were then removed from the bed and rusted to a rust. James Sheppard (43rd) on the other hand, Matt Bradley (51st) on Ecstasy in the Halle. For the purposes of this Regulation, the name of the company is the same as in the case of a group of rollers.

We have been involved in the final year of the 2005 final year. A large part of the seed has been removed from the CAC in the Saison area. The Vienna-based triumph of Chefcoach Dave Barr and Assistant trainer Christian Dolezal, the coronavirus bed was not present. For the benefit of Philipp Ullrich (Head-Coach des Farmteam Vienna Capitals Silver) and Peter Schweda (Sportlicher Leiter der Vienna Capitals Silver sowie Leiter der Vienna Capitals Hockey Academy) verandwort hinter der Bande.

VSV nach sechs Jahren zurück im Halbfinale

The Villacher VSV won the Olympics in Ljubljana at 4: 1 (2: 1 1: 0 1: 0) and then went straight to the top of the match. The measure was adopted in accordance with the rules laid down in the 2000 Act, which was published in the Official Journal. The war lasts in 2003 in Vienna (2: 0) and in 2006 in the semifinals in Innsbruck (6: 4). John Hughes (4th) and Scott Kosmachuk (8th) are in the Doppelschlag group of Grundstein for Sieg. Da Daniel Murphy (8.) alleges that the action was carried out.

Sebastien Piche (Ljubjana) and Renars Krastenbergs (VSV)

GEPA / Daniel Goetzhaber

With a 4: 1-fold connection to the VSV position for two hours and then

Rick Schofield, who played in the field of power, had the right to do so. The Canadian team will be able to help with the Assistant’s position. In the case of Schlusspunkt, Anton Karlsson with Empty-Net-Treffer (60.) is writing for himself. The purchase of a VSV triumph is performed in the same way as in the case of the end of the year.


VSV – Ljubljana 4: 1

(2: 1 1: 0 1: 0)

Tore: Hughes (4th), Kosmachuk (8th), Schofield (39th / PP), Karlsson (60th) bzw. Murphy (9th)

Endstand in the Best of Seven-Series: 4: 3

Vienna – KAC 3: 2

(1: 1 0: 1 2: 0)

Tore: Dodero (15th), Sutter (16th), Bradley (51st) bzw. Postma (8./PP), Haudum (20./PP)

Endstand in the Best of Seven-Series: 4: 3


Salzburg Znojmo 4: 0 *
09.03. Salzburg Znojmo 3: 1
March 11 Znojmo Salzburg 2: 3
March 13 Salzburg Znojmo 5: 3
15.03. Znojmo Salzburg 0: 1
VSV Ljubljana 4: 3 *
09.03. VSV Ljubljana 4: 6
March 11 Ljubljana VSV 3: 4
March 13 VSV Ljubljana 8: 5
15.03. Ljubljana VSV 2: 5
March 18 VSV Ljubljana 6: 8
March 20 Ljublana VSV 3: 2 nV
March 22 VSV Ljubljana 4: 1
Fehervar Pustertal 4: 0 *
09.03. Fehervar Pustertal 8: 1
March 11 Pustertal Fehervar 2: 6
March 13 Fehervar Pustertal 5: 2
15.03. Pustertal Fehervar 4: 5
Vienna KAC 4: 3 *
09.03. Vienna KAC 1: 2 nV
March 11 KAC Vienna 1: 4
March 13 Vienna KAC 5: 3
15.03. KAC Vienna 2: 3
March 18 Vienna KAC 2: 3 nV
March 20 KAC Vienna 5: 3
March 22 Vienna KAC 3: 2

* Endstand in the “Best of seven” -Serie


Salzburg Capitals 0: 0
24.03. Salzburg Capitals -: –
March 26 Capitals Salzburg -: –
March 28 Salzburg Capitals -: –
March 30 Capitals Salzburg -: –
falls nötig
01.04. Salzburg Capitals
03.04. Capitals Salzburg
05.04. Salzburg Capitals
VSV Fehervar 0: 0
24.03. VSV Fehervar -: –
March 26 Fehervar VSV -: –
March 28 VSV Fehervar -: –
March 30 Fehervar VSV -: –
falls nötig:
01.04. VSV Fehervar
03.04. Fehervar VSV
05.04. VSV Fehervar

* Stand in the “Best of seven” -Serie

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