Eishockey: EHC wirft DEG aus den Playoffs – auch dank Zach Redmond – Sports

Da war er wieder, der Zachhammer-Moment. Zach Redmond, Vertediger des EHC Red Bull München, has been involved in the construction of a flat line in the area of ​​the German market. Den Spitznamen Zachhammer the United States of America has the right to apply to the United States of America Jackhammerthe English Wort for the Press Office.

Redmonds Treffer am Samstagabend war nicht nur spektakulär, sondern auch wichtig. Half of the games in the playoffs in the German Eishockey League (DEL) are eligible. 4: 2 are obtained with the addition of a Düsseldorfer EG and the best-of-Five series with a 3: 1 mixture. The first half of the match will take place in Grizzly Wolfsburg, the match will be found in the middle of Munich (19.30 Uhr). Redmond is not involved in the application of the relevant factors for the final year. In that case, the parties to the Düsseldorf EG have the right to obtain the same conditions as the other parts of Munich. After this, a play-off of about 21 minutes will take place before the EHC. Redmond from the Schlüsselspieler Munich trainer Don Jackson, der die “absoluten Führungsqualitäten” in the walls of the Vertsigers lobt.

The DEL horn Redmond for the purposes of the contract – as an EHC spinner in the girl’s service

The United States of America has played in the field of operation, which has been the subject of such a decision. On the 16th day of the death of the Republic of Sweden. This is not the case in the case of a spare part, which can be used as part of a sprint and a clearing machine. The package, which includes Redmond, is pre-registered – and is listed in the German version. The 33-part of the DEL-vertebrate in the presence of the EHC spinner, Konrad Abeltshauser and Yannick Seidenberg, is derived from the title and the title of the group. For the benefit of the Bundestrainer Hans Zach, the applicant was appointed. Redmond is therefore referred to as a member of the Ministry of Transport, “as a result of a circular contact between the two sides and the offensive side”.

The EHC-Trainer Jackson is located in the final stage of the work of the Munich staff in the luxury of the two-wheeler. For beginners, Andrew O’Brien and Andrew MacWilliam were present in the series, and in Seidenberg and Abeltshauser. For Redmond, Jackson and Keiner Partie. The US-American passes in addition to the position switch and the off-line system of the Jackson system. “We will be able to do so,” said Redmond.

Ein Teamkurege durchtrenntief 2013 mit dem Schlittschuh die Oberschenkelarterie – Redmond verliert mehr als einen Liter Blut

Dass er tas tun kann, ist in seinem Fall onlyereere als selbstverständlich, denn im Jahr 2013, zu Beginn seiner NHL-Karriere, erlitt erinen schrecklichen Trainingsunfall. These team members are not members of the Redmonds Association. The teammate Anthony Peluso left the company and went to work together, and Jacke joined the Co-Trainers and the trainer and the bus stop. Das schnelle und vorbildliche Eingreifen der Ersthelfer rettete Redmond wohl das Leben, “wall Puls war wirklich schwach und sehr langsam”, often died. Redmond is still present in the liter blut, and the operation is performed with more than 200 elements. In the case of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Germany was granted a contract with the Russian Federation. Dass Redmond schon sechs Wochen später im Training wieder a demis Eis stand, wertete sein Mannschaftsarzt als “wunder”, die Ärzte hatten ember eine 50: 50-Chance gegeben, dass er seine Profikarriere würde fortset können.

These are included in this section, which is not included in the profit margin. The Düsseldorf Trainer is a member of the Finanzgericht, whose company is still a member of the Mannschaft. Allesamt Dinge, die auch Redmond in sich vereint.


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