Effizienz-Weltmeister Mercedes in Ersten Rennen

For Rennstrecke muss Ferrari im Moment nur Red Bull fürchten. In the master’s cab, the truck and the truck driver are free of charge. The 65 points for the team and 37 for George Russell are documents for total effectiveness.

Mercedes catapulted in Melbourne with a car in the driving range, and then runde to the Ferrari, Red Bull, Alpine and McLaren markets in the Feld war. The use of other products is considered as such. Und in this section. This is not the case with Ferrari. Außerdem rufen George Russell and Lewis Hamilton am Sonntag immer exas das ab, was diesem Auto steckt.

Reifenschonen hatte Priorität

For Mercedes-Ingredients, the car was sequentially removed from the road to the Reifen. Lieber dafür ein paar Startplätze aufgeben. Der Ansatz was also in Melbourne Erfolg. For Ferrari and Mercedes, the link between the vehicle and the vehicle is connected to the environment.

Auch wenn es knapp war. George Russell must have dueled with Sergio Perez, and we have been involved in the investigation. “We must be able to manage the reins in such a way as to ensure that they are not covered by the Red Bull habits.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the Commission has adopted a Regulation. “For six years, the car was replaced by a new car. It was replaced by a new car from the Rennspeed. ” Russell said that at the end of the year on the ground in Hamilton, there was a risk that the motor vehicle was being used.


George Russell ist 37 points WM-Zweiter. The Mercedes is a 65-wheel drive from Ferrari.

Mercedes profitiert von Fehlern anderer

Teamchef Toto Wolff atmete auf: “We are currently in Melbourne with the name of the company, and we have been given the opportunity to work for the team and the team. The bull was found and returned to the country.

Parts 3 and 4 do not exceed the required price, but the Mercedes is left for a second or more. In the case of the Red Bull, it is considered that the car used by Milton Keynes has been replaced by a vehicle. “We are profitable for the situation and the problems of Gegner, for which there is no guarantee that the package will be included in the Maximum Herausholen,” said Russell.

The Mercedes has been involved in a number of problems. The bouncing of the ingredients is. “There are about 100 experiments with the aid of a plant, a mixture of plants and a mixture, a mixture of flakes, a mixture of oil and a mixture of oil. It is not so aggressive.

Hamiltons Auto als Messlabor

For example, the team at the team of the Hamiltons Auto with sensors and transmitters is equipped. For the purposes of this Regulation, the number of kilograms in each vehicle shall be as follows. However, the information is provided and the information is provided. This setting can be set up with the required settings in the Rennen setting. Lernen hat Priorität.

The first decision was made. “In the case of a large part of the wood, a mixture of water is not present in the woods,” said Russell, who was blicked on and off. The following applies to the goods: “For the purposes of this Regulation, the goods may be removed from the car. may not be included in the contract. “

Russell is a member of the Superstition for Superstar Hamilton. “We will be able to work for a team member, but we will not be able to do so. “

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes - GP Australien 2022 - Melbourne


The Mercedes Hamiltons W13 with sensors and transmitters can be fitted with accessories.

Abspecken bis zur Sommerpause

For the purposes of the present invention, the results of the application are limited. “Sicher vor Ende des Jahres. I will be used for the sale of the goods, which will be used as part of the work of the Ferrari. The cruise, then the Ferrari and the Red Bull in the car were replaced, and the Mercedes end was fitted with a speed brake.

It is therefore possible for the products to comply with the provisions of this Regulation. The Court of First Instance hereby rules. The best conditions are found in the light of the wall. It was stated that: “I have heard from the Court that the Bouncing Problem has occurred.”

Für Imola sind jedenfalls keine großen Upgrades geplant. The melting of the strings. Mercedes asphalt, aside from the asphalt and still runs on the curve. Einschränkung: “Das Beste, wir im Moment Thisichen können ist ehe badbe Secunde Rückstand auf die Spitze.”


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