Ebinger Kammerorchester: Wahre Höhepunkte im Jubiläumsjahr – Albstadt & Umgebung

The Ebinger Chamber Orchestra is 60 years old and starts on Saturday with a full concert in the jubilee year. Photo: Ebinger Kammerorchester

With the concert on Saturday, March 12, at 7 pm in the Ebingen Festival, the Ebinger Chamber Orchestra opens a jubilee year: 60 years ago, Dietmar Oberer was founded.

Albstadt-Ebingen – After 60 years, you can also break a tradition – to the end of the day, you can enjoy the symphony concerts. The spring concert of the Ebinger Chamberlain can be found in this evening and marked the beginning of the 60th anniversary. Under the leadership of Martin Künstner and with Theo Plath, a member of the Fagottists Deutschlands, as a soloist, presented the Orchestra under the Basque Concerto in B flat major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – a work, which the orchestra has until 60 years ago.

Great experience with great partners

The song is about 50 years old by Dietmar Oberer, who in the concerts of Anfang and also Chöre, who is the leader, band and great Symphony Concerts with the Stuttgarter Philharmonic, the South German Philharmonic Orchestra and the Constance of Constance and Constance. So war der Weg course for Martin Künstner, Solo-Oboist des Reutlinger Orchesters und Gruünder des Philharmonia Chors Reutlingen, der das Ebinger Kammerorchester seit 2014 leitet. Künstner has a tradition of fortifications, the Oberer is well established, and together with the national and international soloists. Nicht selten sind es junge Stars – manche auch aus der Region, etwa Violinistin Carla Klein und Pianist Jan Luka Diebold, der mit ebinger Kammerorchester schon eigene Kompositionen uraufgeführt hat.

Mozart and Bach – the highest instances

A further tradition of the beginnings of the orchestras: Mozart and Bach are constant in the program. For Dietmar Oberer, the “highest instances” under the Composers, and also Martin Künstner, were the fans of the Ebinger Chamberlain.

It opens with the opening of the opening of the Mozart Opera “La Clemenza di Tito” by Mozart. Also published in the 4th Symphony by Rubert Schumann, in 1841 his wife Clara composed the present-day collection of works. The Süddeutschen Blazersoliste, located on the third side of the Streichorchester, stands on the stage.

The next program for 2022 is a jubilee year – some of them, the Ebinger Chamber Orchestra is hosted by: Im Münster St. Maria and Markus at the Reichenau Island on Saturday, May 21, the Brandenburg Concert by Johann Sebastian Bach, a flute concert with soloists Matthias Maute, Kathrin Scheytt and Frank Oidtmann, on May 22 at 11 a.m. in the Ebinger Chapel Hall wird.

Two Jubilees – a concert hall

From the start of the Jubilee 175 Years Mariaberg, the Ebinger Chamber Orchestra on Saturday, July 23, an Open Air Concert in the Gammertinger Stadtteil, where the Association for Youth and Behavior is at the house. Martin Künstner also conducted the ConCertChor and the Philharmonic Chor Reutlingen, the choir of Mikis Theodorakis’ Werk “Axion Esti” (lobbepriesen sei). The work of the composer, as “a Bible of the Greek Volks”, is based on the elements of the Greek Volksmusk and such as the Oratorio. Tags represent the three Klangkörper das program in the Sudhaus Tübingen and on July 24 in the Park of the Christ Church of Reutlingen.

The cellist Janina Ruh stands on Sunday, October 16, at the Symphony Concert at the Ebingen Festival with the Chamber Orchestra on the stage, and on December 4, after a Sunday, grabs the conductor’s voice on his instrument, and Johann Sebastian Bach an obenconcert, a concert for oboe and violin – diesel play Eva Unterweger – and a violin concert.

The Manager is a Who

The management of the Ebinger Chamberlain is in 60 years. Current seat Axel Pflanz, one of the first burghermasters of the city of Albstadt, in front of the association. He is the head of his own, the chief chef of the Albstadt-based Oberbürgermeister Hans Pfarr, the forerunner of the Ebinger Oberbürgermeister, Hans Hoss, as well as Carl Pfister and Walter Faigle.

An art family business

Ene Besonderheit des Ebinger Kammerorchesters ist Tatsache, dass es auch eine Art familienbetrieb ist: Helga Oberer, die Witwe des 2019 verstorbenen Grundungdrigenten, spielt seit 60 Jahren Violine im Orchester und ist das einzige noch aktive Gründungsmitglied. The Tochter der Oberers, Sibylle Kistermann, is, as a concertmaster, a member of a constant, conventual, articulate and extremely active person who is in a state of affairs, and in many different ways, who cares for them.

Tickets for the concerts – also on Saturday, March 12, from 7 pm at the Ebingen Festival are located in the Tourist Information at the Rathaus Albstadt (on Saturdays from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm) and at www.reservix.de, Rest cards on Evening cash register.


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