Draisaitls Oilers auf dem Weg in die Play-offs

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Draisaitls Oilers auf dem Weg in die Play-offs

In the case of the European Community, the profile of the Norwegian Americas is limited. Was in the night of American Football, Basketball and Eishockey.

Eishockey: Oilers are involved in direct play-offs

Eishockeystar Leon Draisaitl ist the NHL Play-offs with the Edmonton Oilers and then Schritt sees the gecommen. The Canadian team is currently in direct competition with the Vegas Golden Knights 4: 0 and is awarded the Abstay in the Pacific Division by the team from the US Bundesstaat Nevada at the point.

Edmonton is located next to the end of the country where the quality of the Calgary Flames, Vegas folgt auf Platz Vier. It is possible for the division to enter the Play-offs.

Draisaitl (26) blieb wie sein Sturmpartner Connor McDavid ohne Scorerpunkt, dafür glänzte Youngster Tim Stützle bei den Ottawa Senators. On the 20th day of the year, 4 to 5 people from the Toronto Maple Leafs were arrived at the party party. Ottawa has no chance of getting back.

Basketball: So Liefen die NBA-Play-offs – Warriors siegen bei Curry-Comeback

He is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors. In this way, the best of the seven commands in the field are the first round, the first is used. Einblick for the Parties in the Member State.

Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets 123: 107 (Warriors führen 1: 0)

In the wake of the comeback and the comeback of Druck for Steph Curry: For the Golden State Warriors lief der Start in the Serie Gegen die Denver Nuggets nahezu perfekt. The Superstar has entered 123: 107 above the standard of approval on the 16th day of March. The spouse from the Bank was recruited at least 21 minutes after the 16th minute, the rebounds and the debt. The Warriors have been part of the Party in the field of Griffin and profitably under the auspices of the Jordan Party, up to 30 points. The Nuggets of Nikola Jokic have been involved in the development of the gastronomy.

Memphis Grizzlies – Minnesota Timberwolves 117: 130 (Timberwolves führen 1: 0)

These jazz are also used in the production of wood products. Insolesond-Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Edwards had a strong start – Towns with 29 points and 13 rebounds, Edwards war with 36 points for the Werfer der Partie. In this case, the Parties concerned have decided not to apply the measures in question to the Spanish authorities. Dabei ist das Team from Memphis um seinen Star Ja Morant theoretisch klerer Favorit gegen die Timberwolves, die sich erst im Play-In gegen die Los Angeles Clippers ein Play-off-Ticket gesichert hatten.

Philadelphia 76ers – Toronto Raptors 131: 111 (76ers führen 1: 0)

0: 4, 4: 5 – the war is to be taken as a starting point, in which the starting line for the Toronto Raptors is set. Danach is a man of the stars who joins the stars Joel Embiid and Kyrie Irving die Kontrolle. The center of the center is 19 points and 15 rebounds, and the game is played by Tyrese Maxey with 38 points for 76 people. Harden hatte 22 Punkte, Tobias Harris kam auf 26 Zähler. The Raptors are designed to provide no control. Ermmals seit mehr als zwei Monaten kam auch as Isaac Bonga wieder zum Einsatz für Toronto, konnte in seinen weniger als drei Minuten aber nur wenig ausrichten und verwandelte nur zwei Freiwürfe.

Eishockey: Reichel mit erstem Career Point

Eishockey-Talent Lukas Reichel hats in the NHL-Einsatz for the Chicago Blackheads in the form of a scoring point, which is a new legacy for traditional traditions. In the case of 3: 4, the Nashville Predators are listed as the first 2: 1 in the first instance of the first and the same period of time, and in the case of the third country.

Chicago, where there is a chance to play in the play-offs, the Nürnberger will play at the Rockt IceHogs Farm in April in the NHL. The new member of the Board of Directors is now a member of the Elite.

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