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The publisher of the Citizens’ Initiative – Simone Höft (of links), Simone Fader and Bernd Bartel – translates the 600 entries of the Oberbürgermeister Dorothee Eisenlohr. Photo: Dold

“Ist das Ihr Ernst?” or “Das ist doch Quatsch”: Among the interpreters of the bourgeois initiative Schönblick and the Oberbürgermeisterin Dorothee Eisenlohr and the members of the community factions are always in trouble.

Schramberg-Sulgen – In a conversation in the City Hall of the City Hall, the assembly of the discourse is on the horizon. Jedoch: Die Positionen sind aber nach vor vor nicht unter einen Hut zu bringen. The bourgeoisie initiatives are available with handicrafts and vegetables.

Frequencies are valid

The city government argues that the farmers can be found on a legally valid construction plan – and they will be able to do it right. It is worth noting, but the most important suggestions are, argues Linda Niebel, Leiterin der Baurechtsbehörde.

Schon zu Beginn des Gesprächs gab es nach der gegenseitigen freundlichen Begrüßung atmosphärische Spannungen – die Bürgerinitiative hatte Rechtsanwalt Matthias Himmelsbach mitgebracht. Das habe Einfluss auf das Gesprächsklima, meite Eisenlohr. “We are not on Krawall’s side and want a dialogue,” said the Freiburg Anwalt.

Baurechtsbehörde entscheidet

Then there is: Fire free for the arguments. “Who wants to know about the applications?”, Bernd said. “Das entscheidet die Baurechtsbehörde,” said the Niebel – and, by the way, a number of provisions and the basis of a year-long experience. The municipality of Ude Neudeck (free list) is also located on the layout of the construction plan.

Matthias Himmelsbach read more about the finger in the wall: “Das Ganze ist auch eine politicche Entscheidung, nicht nur eine rein verwaltungstechnische”, sagte er. In the clarity of text: The OBin can convene a fair presentation and offerings and assignments from the construction plan. “Wie sieht das der Gemeinderat?”

Construction plan and investor available

Tanja Witkowskis (SPD / Buntspecht) Statement concludes also the other factions: It is a faultless living space, you know. Allergizing must be done with the available storage area in good condition and this good condition – also not only with single houses. “We have a construction plan and an investor. We can not do this without power,” he said. “Das, was von den Bauherren geplant ist, geht nur mit Ausnahmegenehmigungen”, hielt Himmelsbach entgegen.

The Hermessen is still fully understood, insured Thomas Brantner (CDU). “If you want to build a year, you will be from the city: ‘There are no expatriates’,” said Bernd Bartel.

“It is perfectly equal, as Bauherr is, it will not be accepted by the person,” said Dorothee Eisenlohr. In this part of the construction plan, Linda Niebel, is a worthy construction. Daher sei das ein anderer Fall und nicht vergleichbar mit anderen Bereichen.

Emotional reaction of OBin

Simone Fader betonte: “Das Vorhaben wäre ein Fremdkörper in einem langsam entwickelten Gebiet. Es passt nicht in die soziale Struktur.” The emotional reaction of OBin: You are up to 40 years old and live in a partnership in a three-room apartment – also in a similar apartment, which you can also find in the beautiful view. If this social structure is completely different and does not fit again, it is fragmented.

“We are thoroughly for a work,” said Matthias Himmelsbach, according to the text. “Aber es sollte angemessen für die Anwohner se”, sagte er. It is not free, no foreigners in the country have to be able to find the right number of people.

In 1999, under the auspices of OB Zinell, the public administration of the public administration was established, including Eisenlohr. Nun habe der Investor die Wiese mit Baurecht gekauft. “Was sollen wir denn da tun?”, Fragments die OBin. Reihenhäuser wie in der Musikersiedlung oder dem Eckenhof akjeptieren, keine solchen Wohnblocks, meinte Simone Fader. In 1999, a new building (O-Ton Bürgerinitiative: “Monsterbauten”) was not opened, but Himmelsbach, without a double, reihen- or Kettenhäuser.

25 entries and 600 entries

“We want to make the choice in our eyes,” said Thomas Brantner. The city is suffering from damages, but the presenter is not allowed to do so, as well as Böses. Udo Neudeck argues: “You are unbelievable, it is worth a much more straightforward plan. I can’t help it. At our bachelor’s office, we don’t want to be killed yet.”

On the 25th page and 600 entries for the city, the project was ignored by Simone Fader. “The potential interests for an apartment should not be covered,” said Eisenlohr.

Citizens’ initiative makes more

Anwohnerin Anita Moosmann demoralized at the end of the discussion: “Schramberg is for me as heimat gestorben, wenn das jetzt auch noch durchgeht.” The initiative should be included in the discussion of the topic of the topic in public.

Zum Schluss kam es aber doch noch zum Austausch von Freundlichkeiten: “Eine bürgerinitiative ist ein Teil gelebter Demokratie. Wir sind immer bereit zum Austausch”, sagte Eisenlohr. “Thank you for your time”, said Simone Fader at the address of the OBin and the faction members. “We believe that the citizens of Burger are not allowed to live, but that the city picture is not covered,” he said.


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