Digital Zwilling help at the subterranean landscape

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Nemo’s Garden is a start-up, and the specialized underwater construction of special plants is specialized. The company sets the Xcelerator portfolio of Siemens, one of the digital twists and turns of its innovation cycle for business and fasting for industrialization and scaling.

Nemo’s Garden was founded in 2021 by Sergio Gamberini, President of the Italian dormitory equipment Ocean Reef Group, and his son Luca Gamberini. Your team of engineers, watchmakers and science workers will be able to find the area of ​​the brewery, food and vegetables under water. The key innovation of Nemo’s Garden, an underwater biosphere, is an unmistakable art of the underwater house, the positive environmental factors of the ocean – temperature stability, water resistance, CO2-Absorption, fair value and protection for damages – necessary, an ideal environment for the development of plants.

The team has not only provided a large number of plants for use in its prototype biosphere. The greatest strength in the development of their protégés is that the development of these prototypes in a solution that can be easily understood. Und sie wollten nicht noch einmal zehn Jahre warten, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen.

Strange winter, short summers and infinite restrictions on the generalization of the use of the sea-free borders of Nemo’s Garden on a year-round cycle, was again an innovation cycle for the year after the folly. Design changes, long-term physical tests and advanced manual transmissions during the training cycle are dedicated to the team, according to the possibilities to search, the innovation to be tailored and scaled to work. Matteo Cavalleroni von Teksea is a team member, one of the Spitzentechnologies who can be found, and his friends are welcome. Following the advice provided by Siemens, the project is supported and Nemo’s Garden can be found, the latest development rates are included and are available for industrialization / commercialization.

Digital Zwilling can build complex systems

“Als ich zum ersten Mal die digital Zwillingstechnologie von Siemens sah, war ich fascinated. Nemo’s Garden is a unique system, and we need to add to the jewelery, which is installed only. When you are able to model this virtual environment, you can also enjoy it, you can choose the best and you can find the best, ”says Luca Gamberini, member of Nemo’s Garden. “We are aware of the water fluxes in our biosphere and have our own points of view in the structure of the structure of the biosphere. We are also aware that the various changes in solar radiation, temperature and all physical factors on the plants work. The digital zwilling is in the location, the system has been destroyed. “

The digital zwilling of the Biosphere of Nemo’s Garden has been created, but the construction of the plant with the help of NX software from Siemens is not limited. Hinzu commt die Simulation der Wachstumsbedingungen innerhalb der Biospäre, der Auswirkungen der Anlagen auf da Gewässer sowie der gesamten Umgebung, in der sie instaliert sind. For these simulations, the Simcenter Star-CCM + software from Siemens is available for use.

The team from Nemo’s Garden is not due to weather conditions, seasonal costs and short periods of time or restrictions on dormitories and overhaul. The changes in the biosphere can be found in the virtual world, and the team can quickly improve the design.

Algorithm überwacht das Pflanzenwachstum

In addition to the development of the physical biosphere, Nemo’s Garden also optimizes and scales the process of construction, monitoring and the development of plants. An inconvenient company to work on, but not on the subject of the outsourced ticket to the data collection is posted, is a full-fledged digital, automated accessory developed. Dabei profited from the project of the famous experience of Siemens with the automation of traditional agricultural activities.

Previous video recordings of watchtooths can be summed up with reference data from traditional agricultural enterprises to agricultural crops in various watchtowers and health care units with the Mindsphere services from Siemens analyzed. On the basis of Siemens, there is an algorithm for machine learning, which is planned for the plant and the environmental conditions of the couplings.

When this algorithm is set up by Siemens Industrial Edge Computing Devices in the Biosphere, we can plan the plans for a cloud-based dashboard while the season is in real time and we are waiting for our location. In the next season, industrial units are connected to the actors, the air circulation, the air frequency, the water supply and the waste dosing are determined automatically by the season. This land is based on a global agricultural service, which is optimized for the water industry and on an ocean of the world.

The biosphere should be included in the next installation for the first time, in addition to the digital needs of the environment. “The digitization is not just for big companies, but for all companies. Tatsächlich lassen sich große Vorteile oft in kleineren Firmen od Start-ups realizieren. The work that works with start-ups can be influenced by the fact that the world has, built and innovated and innovated, ”said Eryn Devola, Vice President of Sustainability, Siemens Digital Industries Software.

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