Die neue Formel 1: Auto ohne Seitenkasten erlaubt?

It is possible to use the formulation, which is then used in Formula 1. These rules apply to unauthorized car vehicles. For example, this method has not been used in the formulation of the Formula 1 compound by Sport Ross Brawn and Technikche Pat Symonds. In the form of a car from the ground, the team will be able to use the car.

Vor allem die Seitenkästen unterscheiden sich. The germ is not in the family. Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin are not involved. Red Bull, Alpha Tauri and Alpine are a ramp in the area. Ferrari and wheels are also available in the western part of the West – Inclusive Mulde. McLaren, Williams and Mercedes, for example, have been involved. Der Konstrukteurs-Weltmeister verbolgt dabei das radicalste Konzept.


Mercedes six with a radical concept of the competition on the market.

Kühler im Seitenkasten

Mercedes will train the crane structure on the seat box, and the garment will be closed. It is not yet possible for Greece to comply with the detailed rules. The Mercedes-Konstruktion entspricht den Regeln. The aid is granted by the Court of First Instance. Do you want to go to Germany? Eigentlich nicht. The FIA ​​will also be responsible for this part of the CAD data.

In addition to this, the organic element is present on the surface of the plate and the other side of the plate, which can be used as a link. This decision was made by the competition authorities. The “crash barrier” is used in the manufacture of vehicles. Some of the finishes and accessories are used in the Mini-Seitenkästen den Outwash Effect. The air has also been used. Das macht das Auto in der Theorie schneller. In the test case, the Bouncing Problem is described as W13.

Den Seitenkasten hat Mercedes fast eliminiert. This was done in the past. Are you connected to a car that is completely out of service? “If the rules of the rules are not met, the name of the group is six times.” Alfa-Technikchef Jan Monchaux

Guanyu Zhou - Alfa Romeo - Formula 1 - Test Bahrain - Tag 3 - 12. March 2022


Alfa-Sauber is located in Aston Martin and is located in the West.

Monchaux Erklärt Concept

The 43rd sentence of the Franzose Group is worded as follows: nächster Schritt. ” It is also the subject of a separate decision. Fraglich is not included in the aerodynamic balance. “We have been able to use the car. It is also suitable for use. The truck is also functional.

The technical equipment of Alfa-Rome is the best-equipped manufacturer. Monchaux was built, and the work was carried out by a technician, and the vehicle was equipped with a rake on the road. In the case of seven days, the goods are free of charge:

Lassen wir es Monchaux erklären: “I do not have the right to use a motor vehicle with the same condition as before. , was normally used for the purposes of the regulation. ” The solution of the Ferrari and the walls of the case are alpha and alpha.

Mercedes vs. Ferrari

“This is due to the fact that the group is not suitable. It is not optimal.” After the spring of 2021 Alpine with the A521 auf. “These measures shall be applied in such a way as to ensure that the work is carried out in the first place. Hatten. Ein bisschen in der Mitte, ein bisschen in der Seite. “

If the photos are shown, they can be stored in the 45th gradient in the seat of W13. Beim Vergleich der beiden Extreme, Mercedes und Ferrari, fällt auf, dass der Silberpfeil oben deutlich voluminöser baut. This is indicated in the description. All the effects of the Ground Effects are limited. Dort wird die meiste Rundenzeit gewonnen. For the purposes of this Regulation, the goods may be removed. As a result, Mercedes is an ultra-efficient air conditioning system that can be used as a ladder.

The Teams are designed with the simulation to optimize the solution. “Wir, Ferrari, and Womensha Haben uns für denen Weg entschieden: Keine Kühler in der Mitte, dafür super eng. Dann gibt es translated Interpretation, wie man die Kühler installed. “This is an X-version of the Interpretation. Dannaben Sie Teams, die es extreme eben – wie den Mercedes.”

Lando Norris - McLaren - Formula 1 - Testfahrten - Bahrain


McLaren hatchlank Seitenkästen und im Mittelteil eine voluminöse Motorhaube.

Welches Konzept hat meiste Potenzial?

Wer den Seitenkasten schrumpft, schafft an Freifläche auf der Oberseite des Unterbodens. In the case of a turbulent process, the reaction to the asphalt process is controlled. Hier spricht man vog sogenannten Nachlauf. This is due to the fact that the diffuser is used as a diffuser. Gewinnt dadurch in den langsamen Kurven. In the case of the Mercedes W13, the vehicle is equipped with a single compartment. Und dort, in the case of the middle of the curve, can be considered the best of the competition. We are just looking for a way out of this way.

On the road and in the windshield of the truck and the test vehicle, the vehicle is equipped with an aerodynamic wiper blade. Wenn der W13 for this war, jumped to the ground in Geraden. For this reason, I was given an abutment in the curve. The truck is equipped with a suspension, which is fitted with a bouncing arm.

After drying, the silver powder was directly treated with a few gels. This is not the case, and the car is within the same range. Monchaux: “For the purposes of this Regulation, the concept of a free-standing vehicle has been used. It is part of the Mercedes concept. It is still available. The concept is based on the concept of the team, which can be used as a concept.


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