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The second hand of the captain Johannes Golla in the second jump of the handball player is over the parquet and the genius of the applause of the fans.

As of 30:29 (17:13) in Hungary, the DHB was used in 3011 of the Kassel in the presence of chaotic corona EM and a general purpose test for WM-Play in the Faroe Islands in April. However, Alfred Gislason, a member of the Bundesrainer, was appointed to the Court of Justice of the Republic of Germany. Am Vortag hatte and in Gummersbach on 31:31.

“We are still in the heart of the city. We are still very close to Griff and we have been left out of the way. Tore annoyed. As soon as it is possible, the German company will be able to use it to remisügen. Fabian Wiede for 30 seconds in the direction of the balloon and the Hungarian glove. Doch Golla is also a member of the Wurf Association in the name of the Tor Wall Team and the Fans Jubilee.

Bundestrainer zufrieden

Gislason war nach der Lehrgangswoche und den zwei Duellen zufrieden. “We are in a position to do so,” said the Isländer. In the case of the company, it is described in the second paragraph, “and Andi Wolff is the subject of a separate decision. , the Bundestrainer and Sport1.

The German authorities, the Sebastian Heymann EMB, Djibril M’Bengue, Philipp Weber and Kai Häfner, were appointed by the Court of First Instance. Dann war sie voll da. After this, you will be able to receive a call.

Starker Wolff

This is the case with both of them and the Andreas Wolff. The 31-year-old Topclub Vive Kielce parierte etliche Würfe – darunter einen Siebenmeter. Auch in der Offensive lief es beim Gastgeber. In Hungary, a co-gastronomer with a surface area of ​​15 minutes is expected to be present in the air. It is possible to carry out the application of the invention, which may be carried out on a continuous basis, and which may be used in the process.

In the present case, the position of the team in question is determined by the name of the team in which the company is responsible. In the first minute, the gel is removed. Beim 19:18 war Ungarn wieder dran. The team also went to Ruck durch das Team, das mit einem Zwischenspurt auf 24:20 davonzog. Dieses Polster schmolz aber, weil sich Fehler einschlichen. Doch Golla sicherte mit einem Geistesblitz den Erfolg.

The DHB is then added to the solid and then added to the gel. “Woll wollten den Fans einen Sieg schenken. Dass es nicht geklappt hat, habir wir uns selbst zuzuschreiben,” grinned Gislason. The best member of the DHB team was Fabian Wiede with a new team (5). Auch Rückkehrer Yuri Knorr rebranded the owner of the company in the same way as the owner and the owner. (dpa)

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