Declaration “Make Sport Not War”: Athletes in Belarus play in the world

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Alexander Apeikin ist frustriert. In addition to the work of the Belarusian Athletic Organization, the BSSF was represented by Alexander Lukaschenko, a member of the Hungarian Critics’ Association, who did not meet the requirements of Gefängnis. This is because Russia, Ukraine, has been involved in the fight against sports and sports.

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The Opposition to the Trotz: The Verwaltungsgerichtshof of the “Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation” is a collective development of the Russian and Belarussian athletes. BSSF-Chef Apeikin was found in the country – and will be housed.

“The Olympic Games must have won”

In the context of this Regulation, the BSSF will declare that, in the case of Belarus, 150 countries and territories have been designated as such. “For the establishment of a military force in Ukraine and the Group of Trustees”, in the context of the text “Make Sport Not War” (Mache Sport, keinen Krieg), Territorial Integrity of Ukraine is internal to international cooperation between Belarus and the Sovereign Base Areas of Belarus “, the BSSF:” The Olympic Games must be extended to Belarus. “

The declarations are based on the provisions of the International Tax Treaty, which is based on the rules governing the use of the Hunters Athlete and the Athlete. The Handball-Profik Apeikin has been given the following results: “Das könnte eine echte Chance sein.”

Putins treue Helfer – Wie der Sport Russland stützt

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Athleten auch finanziell unter Druck

This situation is due to the fact that Belarusian spiers, such as the State of International Trade and International Financial Assistance, have been involved in the implementation of the Financial Regulation. It is therefore appropriate to refer to the declaration on which the risk is based.

The protest of the manipulative development of Lukashenko in Sommer 2020 in Belarus amounted to 35,000 Regular members of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The BSSF measures are based on the application. These agreements have been adopted by the International Committee of the International Olympic Committee in 2020 on the occasion of the conclusion of the Agreement between the European Economic and Social Committee and the United Kingdom.

Missverhältnis bei Sanktionen

The Russian and Belarusian athletes and athletes were allowed to participate in the discussions. In the case of tennis, this sports equipment has been used for a total of three years. In this case, the tennis courts are equipped with a spindle and a spindle from the agglomeration. Both the superstars Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal were criticized for their actions.

For this purpose, a complete set of operating conditions and a complete set of functions for the training and operation of the training and operation are used. For 40 of these events, the Olympic and Winters of the Olympic Games are considered to be Russian and Belarusian. For Sportler, the company is responsible for its functions.

The declaration of Belarusian athletes and athletes is based on the above.


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