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The Vollmaringer base with the 50-year-old Vereinstreue Geehrten Photo: Gutknecht

Selbst die Corona-Pandemie schafft es kaum, den Elan der Vollmaringer Musikanten auszubremsen. Das ist eine der Lehren, die man aus den Berichten der Generalversammlung ziehen kann.

Nagold-Vollmaringen – Under the auspices of the scale of the current Corona Association, the annual General Assembly of Musikvereins at the Vollmaringer Sportheim statt. After the appointment by Matthias Finkbeiner, the editorial board of the editorial office on the occasion of a return to the time of September 17, 2021. click on a communal hike. He also played some of the first musical musical performances on the Volkstrauertag 2021. And also during the Christmas holidays the traditional ones in the Dorf erklingenden Christmas carols do not miss – when the last Christmas concert falls in 2021.

Vorreude auf Jugendvorspiel

According to the cashier, the youth reports about their activities. Neben einem Ausflug ins Kino konnte man auch hier über über fleisßiges Proben berichten. Also have new jungles for the most popular D1 music lessons. In addition, there is also a bill at the conductors: Daniela Klein is in charge of Taktstock at Carsten Bohnet, where the MVV children and the youth chapel are conducted. The children’s band is hosted by Ina Peter. Man freue sich nun auf das bevorstehende Jugendvorspiel, welches am 20. März ab 14 Uhr in der Gemeindehalle in Vollmaringen stattfinden wird.

Good togetherness

Conductor Michael Johner connotes in his report the rebbe rebe, but also the obscene view of the concert, and the man so often wants it. Doch am Ende hähle vor allem das gemeinsame musikalische Vorankommen; you are with “old” or new pieces. Dabei lege er besonderen Wert auf den Ton, denn für ihn beginnt mit dem Ton die Musik. Dafür appellierte er an seine Musikanten, weiterhin rege an den Proben teilzunehmen, so dass man zeitnah auch wieder in starker Formation als großes Blasorchester seinen guten “Klang” bei einem musikalischen Auftritt unter Beweis stellen könne. Concluding thanks are also available to all, independent of the management of the good association, all rights and most pandemic agreements.

Musikvorständin Daniela Brezing made these times together: “In a small way with good luck!” In fact, I can be optimistic, but also with a view of the future. Dabei hege wie den Wunsch, dass alle Musikkameraden den Weg nach vorne mitgehen und man niemanden “an einer Abzweigung” verlieren wolle.

Lobby for Engagement

The entanglements of the orphanage to the orthodox Daniel Steinrode are, by the way, in the name of the musicians in the name of the orthodox society, insanity for the “class and creative” engagement. Zudem sehe er den Verein als den “Kulturbotschafter” Vollmaringens.

Conny Stein has been encouraged to write to the writer and the most famous Daniela Weiss after 15 years of ab. In total, Daniela Weiss was 25 years old. For their outsourced engagement, they will be able to learn from all pages.

Daniel Graf, Anton Schmid and Dieter Stopper have a great time for 50 years of entertainment. Daniela Graf will be on the list of members of the Chamber of Commerce – on her own and her uncompromising commitment and her own interest in the council can be determined.

Spring festival in planning

For the viewing of the event Daniel Raible, that man from April 29 to May 1 will be a spring holiday. The meeting will take place during the sale of the band “Gäumoggel” and the “Draufgängern” on Friday, April 29. On Saturday, April 30, at the end of the year we were born with two bands – the rock band “Rock uff dr Lachawies”. Am Sonntag, 1. Mai werden in traditioneller Weise die Nagoldtalmusikanten zum Frühschoppen spielen.

According to the conclusion, Matthias Finkbeiner is presenting and concluding the meeting with the situation on the current Corona Situation:


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