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The debut of the Handball Bundestrainer Markus Gaugisch with the EM-Ticket. In addition, the State of the Greenlandic Association is responsible for the production of agricultural products.


The debut of the Bundestrainer was made by Markus Gaugisch with a record number of members. As of 40:11 (19: 5), Greece was awarded a ticket for the European Games.

This is not the case in the case of flax in the form of an EM-qualified gel. “Cool” se Debut gewesen, freute sich der 48-Jährige im Anschluss. “Das war schon ein besonderer Moment.” Dieg den Sieg can be visited for November in Slovenia, Montenegro and Nordmazedonien planen.

The DHB-Frauen waren in allen Belangen überlegen

The winners of the 50-year-old show in Johanna Stockschläder mit sechs and Alina Grijseels mit fünf Treffern. “We have been able to do so. We have been able to do so, and we have been able to do so,” said Gaugisch. For part of the Netherlands, Belarus, the European Economic Area Group EHF, has been suspended for 3 years. The same is the case in Germany, Greece and the Netherlands, and the rest of the qualifications in Almere. The Greek authorities are responsible for the application of the Treaty.

There is no chance that you will not be able to do so. Technically, tactically, physically – the DHB has been relieved of its role in the operation of the goods. Gaugisch wollte bei seinem Debut unter anderem eine souveräne Abwehrleistung seines Teams sehen. In the first minute, the children are treated. For the purposes of the present invention, the starch ishabin Isabell Roch die Würfe ab.

Kein Gradmesser für die eigene Stärke

In the case of spares, the condition of the air conditioner is maintained. Schins das Hinspiel im slavenen Oktober hatte Deutschland locker mit 36:10 gewonnen. To this end, Captain Griesse, Xenia Smits or Antje Lauenroth, is quick to enter the city. Until the end of the year, the grower. “In this case, there was a significant increase in the size of the product.

The first part of the gradient is set aside for the first time. The dementia is also used in the composition of the Bundestrainer-Einsatz am Seitenrand and in the Auszeiten. The DHB was opened on April 23 (4:00 pm). These tests are performed in the lower part of the Netherlands. The Orange Team is a member of the Olympic Games and has been a member of the German team. (dpa)

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