Compiled images: Photographer Jens Hagen is active in Villingen-Schwenningen and surroundings – Villingen-Schwenningen & Umgebung

Jens Hagen, 57, lives in Burgberg and has a photo studio in Villingen. Photo: Heinig

Under other guides he is in the “Hexenkrimi” the camera and read for the WTVS a Fast Image Archive. The photographer and filmmaker Jens Hagen is present in the city. He says that with his handicraft cannon in the service of companies, private companies and associations, he said: “None of the Corona can be economically traded.”

Villingen-Schwenningen / Königsfeld – Your annual visit to the Corona Pandemic is possible. For their wonder, in the economically important times, they are the adherent and the summit of the photographer who is “the first, the only part of the world”, known as the 57-year-old. For the state’s support, he is grateful, because of the small number of people who, as a small company, are constantly engaged in bureaucratic writing in the case of “a lot of money and a long time”.

Job description Photographer since 2004 not protected

Jens Hagen is also interested in other developments. The quality of your pictures, works at your photographic training in Münsterland is also a number of projects in 30 years, but not much more, but “with handy and a picture work program”. Hinzu komme, dass die Berufsbezeichnung “Fotograf” seit 2004 nicht mehr geschutzt ist. “Daher darf sich so heute jeder nennen, der eine Kamera halten kann.”

The “writing with light”, the composition of a picture, which is not in front of the lens, is still attached to the head, fascinates Jens Hagen to the heart and hat of this leadership in his son Finn-Louis. The studied film in Zurich and since 2020 are “Die Hagens” in their office in Burgberg and a photo studio in Villingen.

Born in Dortmund

Jens Hagen is in Dortmund as one of the three children in the world. Your first guide to a pharmacy, a branch, they are not interested. The music of the New German Wave, the Piano Schools and the Keyboarders are a fascinating band in Westphalia. “Captain der Zukunft” lautete in the 1980s, a year of his own protests, the current, and the state of the Hagen is not bad, “be partie wieser gespielt werden”. Da musikbranche seinerzeit als noch brotloser galt als heute, wandte er sich dem Hobby seines Vaters zu, der Fotografie.

Group of 3 advertising agencies

Following the training for photographers, his most interesting experiences are in the house Burda in Offenburg. Two years ago, as well as assistance in fashion photography, it was a lot of fun. “Das war mir dann aber doch zu hektisch”, read in the back view of the photo sessions in the west or in the polar region. This is an upscale setting in the dormant photo studio of Ralf Ganter in Niedereschach and the surroundings with his wife Heike, his dance student, who was born in 1989, according to Königsfeld. Alexander Doderer, and Andy Ziegler, were founded in 1992 by the “Group 3” advertising agency. Das ist jetzt genau 30 Jahre he und war der Startschuss zur Selbstständigkeit. Four years ago, “Studio 7” was released in the year 1999. Bis zur ersten Wirtschaftskrise der Neuzeit 2001 Bediente man erfolgreich Großkunden, galt das Unternehmen damals doch als Vorreiter der digitisierten Fotografie. Als Aubbilder brachte Jens Hagen seinerzeit gleich mehrere Kammersieger hervor.

Engaged in politics and church

Er bezeichnet sich selbst als “Querdenker”, jedoch im positiven Sinne aus der Zeit vor Corona. Schon immer habe er sich gerne für Schwache stark gemacht, daher engagert er sich seit 2004 auch politisch undndidierte für die FDP zwei Mal bei der Landtagswahl. Zugleich wurde er in Königsfeld für die Freie Liste in den Gemeinderat gehählt und geht dem Ehrenamt des stellvertretenden Ortsvorstehers von Burgberg nach. Seit acht Jahren ist e außerdem in seiner Heimatgemeinde als Vorsitzender des evangelischen Kirchengemeinderates aktiv i sitzt im Bezirkskirchenrat.

In allen Gremien sei er “nicht nur zum Abnicken” da, wie er betont. Further support is also provided by the Citizens’ Initiative for the meeting of discounters in Königsfeld. In Kirchenkreisen, the man is always in charge of the Savior’s Day, he also says: “The church is in Umbruch.”

Projects with associations and communities

His social engagement has always been in the form of film and photo projects, and he has given a fortune to Vereine. Besonders nahe steht ihm dabei die Hexenzunft Villingen, hier ist er ebenfalls Mitglied. He also benefited from his cannibalism at the Buchenberger Trachtenkapelle, the Stadtkapelle Geisingen and the Gemeinde Neudingen, for the image film.

Film for the narcissist Schwenningen

The Municipality of Schwenningen has a project related to the project, which can be translated as “Zwischenzeit”. There is only a 45-minute film, from the time of the week of Aschermittwoch and the “Schmotzigen”. “Da ist mehr los, als der Laie denkt,” weiß Hagen.

Als Westfale has never seen the fasten am Hut. Among other things, this “bierernste” Angelegenheit und “eigentlich nichts füriegruppen” is not. Das will be unter anderem cinematic darstellen. Lots of light, so dreamed of, it was worth looking for a televised job. Bisher has the SWR report on their work.

Beautiful view of the Alb

He is in the right place, said Jens Hagen. He loves, to the house in Burgberg to his. There is also a Bureau from the view of the Swabian Alb “from Thyssen Tower to the Dreifaltigkeitsberg”. The nature in front of the house is necessary for the alpine jogging grounds, and in front of the house there is a very short-lived car. On the back of the back there is a photo of a tattooed Black Forest, made in Hagen. Damit is also located in the south of France and has a network of social media.


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