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Sky Experte Lothar Matthäus erklärt in seiner Column “So sehe ich das”, in which Felix Magath deris trainer for Hertha ist and for the sake of Lewandowski, Neuer und Müller verlängern würde. It is considered to be free from Bayern-Zugang.

The aid is granted. The debut of Felix Magath as a trainer from Hertha BSC was not allowed. The quarantine is then obtained in the form of a 3: 0 mixture. We were then in Berlin, the city of Hamburg, and the city of Hamburg. It is located in the Hauptstadt Club, which has been run by Bobic and Magath, but also in the League.

Magath ist for the Mission of the Government. It is possible to refine the spices. I have been driving for six years and then on the other side of the town. Felix war ein grandioser Spieler, ein sehr erfolgreicher Trainer und man kann förmlich sehen, wie glklikich ist ist, wieder zurück zu sein. The philosophy behind the Philosophy of Training has been described and the spokesmen have been trained for this purpose. Das ist eben so, wenn man erfolgreich sein will.

Felix war noch der der Kuschelbär, der jeden Spieler in den Arm nimmt und e emotionales Verhältnis zhnen aufbaut. Aber das weiß er and hat auch deshalb seinen Co-Trainer Mark Fotheringham mitgebracht. Das ist offenbar ein super Typ. Dieses Duo scheint eine sehr spannende Mischung zu sein. Der Schotte’s comments – and are fantastic about Hertha-Spielern and the energy of the company, which is the main driver. Felix said that we had a clear line of tactics and saw the line. The hat rests and the like. It is possible for the spinner to be killed and then treated with a spinneret. It is possible for a new technician and a well-known football player to play.

Könnte mir Magath noch ein Jahr bei Hertha sausage

Sollte and Magath schaffen und Hertha drin bleiben, werden er und Bobic sicherlich darüber sprechen, was in der Sachon passion soll. I said that Felix was given a meal, and he said that he would be happy.

This means that the equipment and feeder must be used as a trainer in the grease gun and must be replaced. Ein Machtkampf a boss-Ebene hat noch keinem Team geholfen. The wind turbine and the wind turbine were freely cleaned. However, in the case of the Club in the first League, you will not be able to pay a contract.

Würde mit Lewandowski, Neuer und Müller verlängern

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Lothar Matthäus about Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski. (Video Games: 2:37 Minutes)

Rund um FC FCernern is currently working for Robert Lewandowski. Aber Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer are not all right. For the Member States, the League, the Executive Committee. Alle drei bringen immer noch Top-Leistungen.

In this case, the performance of the headlamps may be reduced. These can be found in the form of alerts and FC Bayern muss with blick in the construction and in the construction of the planes. Das ist mir bewusst. The man and the son of Goretzka, Kimmich and Coman were treated as such. It is considered to be suitable for the use of such products.

The spheres are treated with 15, 16 monitors and then fit on the ground. For all Lewandowski. It may be used for the purpose of obtaining such a certificate. Aber Robert triffed on the ground and was found on the ground, but did not eat and was treated with water. It is possible to obtain the same type of water for the goods.

Es gibt keinen Besseren als Lewandowski

How much do you think about the position? Haaland soll ja zu City or Real tendieren. And if you are not happy, do you want to see what Robert said? It is the best in Europe and the world.

This is the case for 2023 and six years, according to Wissen, which were carried out by the BVB plant. This is because the character is characteristic. Andere hätten sich hängen lassen.

In this case, the focus is on the focus, and the focus is on the output and the class. Ich als Fan fan ih wünsche mir, dass er seine Career beim FC Bayern München beendet.

The handles are two and the same

Until then, the whole of the whole of the whole of the fungus is replaced by the same. Das haben Hasan und Oliver schon als Spieler getan und machen das auch heute. It is therefore not possible for such an assessment to be made in the light of the relevant arguments.

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Lothar Matthäus by Oliver Kahn and Robert Lewandowski. (Video Games: 2:09 Minutes)

I went to the right of the two years of Oliver and Mir. It’s just okay. Oliver ist mich weiterhin eine Respektsperson. It is possible for the spinner to be subject to the conditions of FC Bay and to carry out the verification. The differences between the two Member States are justified. Das gehört ja manchmal einfach ein bisschen dazu.

Gravenberch wärre ein interessanter Achter

For example, the off-site spreader of Ajax Amsterdam, Ryan Gravenberch, is present. Sicherlich ein sehr interessanter “Achter”, der eufen jeden Fall eine Verstärkung sein könnte. Allowings must be sold to the owner. These include Tolisso, Roca, Sabitzer, Goretzka, Musiala and Kimmich and the Central Bank. The structure and quality of the structures are determined by the quality of the process.

Bayerns Defensive muss sich gegen Villarreal steigern

Villarreal mags als Gegner im Champions-League-Viertelfinale is clearly in the spotlight, and then in the genealogy. This technical version also covers the Spanish language group, which has been the European League member and the Trainer-Fuchs from the Bank. Außerdem haben sie bei Juventus Turin 3: 0 gewonnen. These are not known to be present in the country. The manure and the mixture are dried.

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Sky Experte Lothar Matthäus nennt seine Kandidaten auf den CL-Titel (Videolänge: 51 Sek.).

The Bayern-Defensive is considered to be the subject of the present invention. Aber wenn Davies, Pavard und Süle wieder dabei sind, sieht es anders aus. Until Goretzka has been notified. Wenn Julian Nagelsmann is a member of the National Championships in the Champions League. Naturally occurring Lewandowski or Neuer nusfallen. Dieser FCB is located in Munich, Germany.

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