Cold Response: Vladimir Putin goes further and NATO says “a lot of people”

Eisige Kälte, das offene Nordmeer, meterhoher Schnee: Members of the Norwegian Spitwinters are found in this Tagen the great NATO militarism in this year. At „Cold Response“ (cold Antwort) there are around 30,000 Soldiers from 27 Nation, 200 Flies and 50 Schiffs at Einsatz.

Germany has also been suspended and has not yet arrived at the Kriegsschiff „Berlin“ with its 200 köffige Besatzung search engine. Under the Arctic Walls you should be trained, an Angriff on the Nordflanke of NATO to trotzen.

The official Maneuver-writing on the NATO website is on the first Blick here as an adventurous Survival-Training for Soldiers:

“In the commandments, take a letter from the Allies and your partner to see the Wildnis, to see the fireworks, to jump on the stairs and to have more. If you want to get rid of clutter you do not need, then try your hand at bodybuilding or a crisis – you can use our Lenders and men. “

Vladimir Putin and the “Cold Response”: Demonstrate the Mechanism of Universal Reaction:

The official observations of the Maneuvers are also made by the Soldiers with their respective members of the NATO Response Force (NRF). These areas of NATO history include active Boden-, Luft- and Seestreitkräften cannabis in the interlocking direction of various military operations. In Rena, around 200 Kilometers north of the Norwegian capital Oslo, simulate the Soldiers with an Angriff on the Nato-Bundnis on a Troopenübungsplatz.

NATO supports the “Cold Response” project, all of which take place in Jahre ab. Until 2022 it is all others. Only a few kilometers from the Russian border; dahinter befindet sich aus westlicher Sicht seit gut drei Wochen ganz klar: Feindesland. Der Truppenaufmarsch im hohen Norden: There is also a strong signal from the Aggressor Putin.

“Vor dem Hintergrund des unvorhersehbaren Verhaltens der russischen Behörden demonstriren diese Übungen den Mechanismus der unvermeidlichen Reaktion”, analyzed by Russia-Expert Kiril Avramov from the University of Austin, Texas. Zudem says that “Cold Response” is a big deal, “Finland and Sweden – the Russians do not have a country and a Swiss government – they have to change, because NATO does not have a homeland”.

Krieg in der Gefährlich nah an Nato-Territorium: Be here and not more:

In the case of communications about large-scale maneuvers, NATO has to be backed up. Immer wieder wird betont, dass es sich bei dem Manöver um keine Reaktion auf Russlands Angriff auf die Ukraine handle. This kind of maneuver will take place long before the Invasion takes place. The Russian Regiment was informed by NATO members that they were also informed about Beobachter. Doch Moscow lehnte ab.

Admiral Rob Bauer, Head of the NATO Militia, who has been to the Hell for a long time, wants to leave the maneuver in this area. “Once the Russian storms on Ukraine are overwhelming, those who fly over the Ernstfall and also the Universities are overwhelmed,” said the Netherlands. Es gehe um „glaubwürdige Abschreckung“. Die Botschaft, die sich bei Putin verfangen soll: If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to rely on Ukraine to join NATO. Bis hier hin, aber nicht weiter.

With the Russian Angriff on a military base, the Polish border is located in the middle of nowhere. Umso wichtiger ist für das Militärbündnis nun, den Fall der Fälle zu proben. “We have no interest in the Russian demolition of Ukraine, because inside the Alliance is intact, with the troops involved – and also with Willen, in the Ernstfall,” said General Jörg Vollmer, Commander-in-Chief. im Gespräch mit der „Welt am Sonntag“.

No Stations from Russia: Did Putin translate the “cold Antwort”?

Very similar to NATO General Escalation reports: „Wir alle wissen, dass wir längst nicht adequat ausgestattet sind. “You’re going to get a lot of money, but we’re trying to get it out of the USA.”

Dennoch is aufmarsch an Nato-Troppen bispiellos in der Geschichte des Militärbündnisses. The agreement was made at the Ausbroch des Krieges in Ukraine with more than 100,000 Soldiers in the United Kingdom. T üglich überwachen 130 Flugzeuge den Luftraum in Osteuropa, round 200 Kriegsschiffe patrouillieren in Nord- and Ostsee sowie im Mittelmeer und im Schwarzen Meer.

Also available at Cold Response in Norway: Anders ali bei früheren Militärmanövern schaltet sich Russland diesmal nicht mit gezielten Provokations and Störaktionen ein. The old Antwort des Westens is located in Moscow.