City Council Wittershausen: Jagdneuverpachtung sörgt für Unmut – Sulz & Umgebung

The new boat sales in Vöhringen and Wittershausen are served by Unmut. Wegen des Klärungs- und Gesprächsbedarfs wurde jetzt die Entscheidung im Ortschaftsrat Wittershausen vertagt. Photo: Natureimmortal –

In addition to the first year of the year, the Wittershausen district council is fastened to the next year for the next year and a new increase in the age of the Vöhringen family farm.

Vöhringen-Wittershausen – Als Zuhörer verfolgten potenielle Jagdpächter sowie die Sprecher der Gemeinderatsfraktionen CDU Andrea Kopp und FWV Axel Plocher die Diskussion. Also, on the 7th of March, the theme of the day order is determined.

Da die laufende Pachtperiode aller Jagdbögen in Vöhringen und Wittershausen am 31. März endet, steht eine Neuverpachtung an. The advertising free end on March 4. The next annual meeting of the population, the field and forest lands in the municipality of Jagdbezirk is located, not found to be effective on the 10th of March.

About the sale of the goods for the Jagdbogen III (Wittershausen) is limited to the Eingemeindungsvertrag der Ortschaftsrat. A part of the bishop’s community is being used. For all three hunting trips you can find out more about your interests.

Reduced time reduced, increased price

In the case of Völfeld, the municipality of a new hunting contract is the largest of the new hunting and wildlife management companies (JWMG). Orstvorsteherin Kerstin Jauch offers the most important points of reference. The peacock time was reduced to a new year in six years, and the minimum of the annual collection was reduced. The Pitch Price is per hectare of forest area. It is also important to improve and regulate the wilds as well as protection. Yes, the fest is fast, the wild dams are growing through the Black Forest.

A great deal of attention was paid to the plant, and the community and community were appointed by the new covenant agreement. Ferner soltte die Verwaltung der Jagdgenossenschaft, die Zustimmung der Jagdgenossen am 10. März vorausgesetzt, auch kunftig erst auf den Gemeinderat übertragen werden and von diesem auf den Bürgermeister.

“Man must be able to see”

Da Jagdpächter zum Teil signalisiert hätten, die neuen Pachtverträge nijt unterschriiben zu vollen, schlug Jauch einen Gesprächstermin zwischen Verwaltung, Pachtbewerbern und Gemeinderat noch vor der Jagdgenossengschavers.

“We will be very successful about the short-lived writing of the huntsman and the writing of the writing books,” says the mayor Stefan Hammer. The administration has in its own right for the members of the hunting state to be able to act and to manage in accordance with the regulations and the description of the application.

The hammer is waiting for the Gremium davor, the only part to get. You have to be able to differentiate between different points and different points. There is a lack of information about the lack of sessions from the shipyards of the Schleibens.

Terminliches Ziel nicht mehr zu schaffen?

With the new accommodation I have a discussion of the basis of the discussion. Contractual terms should not be discussed in public, but “we are in an or other point of conversation”, according to Hammer. For the following day, the appointment is based on the description of the town halls with the term guarantee of the huntsman, on the basis of an appointment.

Andreas Haberer notes that the public authorities and potential members of the government did not accept any of the provisions of the Government, but that the decision on the letter of intent was made and that the term of office of the Council of Ministers was due on April 1.

As a precautionary solution, it is possible to provide for the hunting allowances, in case of termination. Hammer skins more of the time-limited schedule with high-quality new packaging to follow. He is in the process of engaging, talking about talking in the community by talking to potential friends for video clips.

Walter Kolb’s speech on a relatively complex topic, with which the public council is rightly short-lived. Helmut Maier did not accept the sign, but the owner of the hunting estate was transferred to a contract, but the final decision was not made. This day is unlucky and hectic. It has been decided that new boat sales will be made in a few weeks. The City Council is on the verge of defeating and defending the theme.


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