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Christopher Knall was born after two years in the city of Nagold. Photo: Buckenmaier

Christopher Knall, climate protection manager and ÖPNV contractor, was appointed on March 31, Nagold. It will be a good idea. In Nagold war klimafachmann nur gut zwei Jahre dätig.

Nagold – “Die Zusammenarbeit mit Christopher Knall war gewinnbringend, da er das Thema Klimaschutz sehr engagiert und kompetent vorangetrieben hat”, bedauert Oberbürgermeister Jürgen Großmann in eine Mitteilung der Stadt Nagold den Weggang von Knalll “afße. Christopher Knall will be informed of her circumstances for the journey: “I have the opportunity to work and to have a new opportunity for myself, with the help of my competent skills.”

Time statement

The Stelle des Klimaschutzbeauftragten bei der Stadt Nagold soll zeitnah aisgeschrieben werden, um die Vakanz möglichst kurz zu halten und um vielzahl von Projekten, die der bisherige Klimaschutzbeutftragte auf den Weg kufrachn zhabn, forg. Dazu provides under the conditions of the climate protection concept.

The Central Audit Office has approved the internal audit of the European Energy Award (EEA). The city has the right to engage in a short course of work, an energy policy program on this basis to be established, that the municipality for advice and conclusion should be prepared in full. Das werde im Ergebnis auch die Modifikacija des bisherigen Klimaschutzkonzecept izus dem Jahr 2016 sein.

Further, the city said: “In the meantime, the proposed research on the use of photovoltaic systems on public buildings. First of all, the PV plant is built on the City Hall roof and expanded.”

Outside the secret of the construction of car seats. The first shipyards are located in the outdoor area of ​​the Nord Park Park.

Climate protection quiz

Christopher Knall is also interested in the experience of the air conditioning of the climate protection quiz. This information was initiated on the Internet, a report on the topic of climate protection. One of the first issues with the members of the municipality, the public administration and the public administration of the city government. “Damit ist der Zweck des Quizes voll aufgegangen, weil constructive Vorschläge zur Verbesserung des klimfreundlichen Verhaltens eingegangen sind”, reports Christopher Knall.

In the next session of the Technical Exhibition on Tuesday, March 22, the start of the start of the meeting for the sale of the municipal heat planning fell. These incomprehensible applications for heat consumption should be paid to all buildings in the city. The results can be found in other climate-friendly measures. “The communal heat planning is an important and important source for climate protection in the city and the city, so that the large part of the energy of private heating is used,” said Christopher Knall of Hintergrund.

Theme Conceptual concept

In terms of climate-friendly mobility, the city will soon be able to provide additional information for the environment. There are also free bicycle facilities for the state-owned park houses, which are equipped with a modern charging infrastructure. The high level of the city of Nagold has a new E-Bike system with laundry facilities at the Nordhaus Parkhaus “Model Character”.

Leader, so bedauern es Oberbürgermeister Jürgen Großmann und Christopher Knall gleichermaßen, konnten aufgrund der schwierigen Coronasituation die Gremien nicht wie gewohnt häufig tagen. The air-conditioned protection devices are available. “Understand the framework conditions, can be intensified together,” he said in a statement from the city of Nagold.

“From similar grounds, the plant brochures must also be used for urban climate protection, which is well-known, but there is an interactive interaction with other actions and activities that can be fought,” Christ said.

ÖPNV important part

For Knall, the Public Employees’ Office (ÖPNV) is also involved in a significant part of the climate protection. According to its introduction, the development of applications for the application of the city of Nagold on the Metropolexpress in the Stuttgart region is a special measure, a contract for climate-friendly mobility. “Metropolexpress is a great, highly valued Brett for climate-friendly mobility in the region, which is a good idea,” said Christopher Knall.

For the Oberbürgermeister Jürgen Großmann, the Perspectives of Climate Protection are based on the war in Ukraine in a very new light. War bisher zum Beispiel noch Gas für die Versorgung der Wohngebüude de Übergangstechnologie, so sei dieser Lösungsansatz durch den Konflikt kaum mehr realizierbar. The gild besonders for the so-called block heating plants and the demolition of the quarry supply. Nagolds Oberbürgermeister recn in the last Monaten deshalb nochmals auf Bundes- und Länderebene sowie auf kommunaler Ebene mit Neubewertungen der bisherigen Strategiien, um die Klimaanpassung zu bewältigen. The most important prices are defined by the situation in the unbalanced dimension.

“Und trotzdem”, so der Rathaus-Chef, “muss der Klimawandel auf der politischen Agenda ganz oben bleiben”


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