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On the 40th of the Madrid Metropolitan District in Madrid, the portraits of Diego Pablo Simeone, and the legendary of the legend, the trainer, the genius passing through the club, are replaced by the following: “It is an art that can be translated”.

Here are some of the good things about Blick Simeon when it comes to the best of the world. On the other hand, Simeones Mutter, Nilda González, dart der Tage erinnert, da der Filius bei Vélez Sarsfield in derste argentinischen

“These are: Hurensohn! Hungerleider!”, Said Doña Nilda. It is described as having the following meaning: “Hurensohn? Meinetwegen. Aber Hungerleider? Ich bin seine Mutter!” In this case, Blicke was obtained, which was used and the plant was grown in Mannes. “It is possible to carry out the operation”, which means that it does not.

The Doku-Series end with the exception of Erfolg Simeones, a two-year Spanish master, who is a Argentinian national player and a trainer from Athens Madrid. The war, national and European Supercups, is based on the title of Simmones in 2011.

In the Spanish League, at least 31 years after the entry into force of the Treaty of Spain. am Wochenende verlor Atlético beim abstiegsgefährdeten Real Mallorca. In the case of the University of Acidelf, the 0: 2 level of the Real Sociedad San Sebastián. The national team will be involved in the Champions League in the event of a short break. Am Mittwoch muss Atlético im Achtelfinale gegen Manchester City einen 0: 1-Rückstand aufholen. The six-legged Champions League League will not go unnoticed and historically unrestrained in the talent, and in the classroom tragedy.

Atlético erinnert “an den Plebs, Rauheit, Straßenköter, Punkmusik, Graffiti in Zügen”, schreibt die Zeitung La Vanguardia

In the present case, the debate in the Athens Community has been extended to other Member States. Der Grund: Athletic practice. In Manchester, the 5-6-0 System was awarded to the Operator, and in 90 minutes it was not possible. In Italy, the legendary Ex-Trainer Arrigo Sacchi said: “Was it possible to play football? Dean Saunders, a legend for FC Liverpool, played “Parasiten-Fußball”. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Government of Barcelona are hereby approved on behalf of the Community La Vanguardia einen Kübel voller Verachtung über Atlético aus.

Worn man denke, wenn man über Atlético sinniere? It is not possible for the Sistine Chapel or the Beethoven Neunte Sinfonie, Schrieb das Blatt. Sondern? “The denotes, waste, strains, graffiti and graffiti” or “the cartel of Sinaola” are replaced by the following: I’m currently saying “nichts einem terroristischen Attentat näher” als der modus operandi Athletics.

In the case of Simeon, the Auditorium des Stadions, and may not be included in the text, has been criticized, “Criticism of which is not the case”. The basic provisions of this Regulation apply. So, in addition to the spiel in Manchester, it is considered that the goods may be removed from the wall, that is to say, from which the Schamgefühl vertsigt is used.

Andererseits: Ein paari Rätsel gibt Simeone eben doch auf. In the case of the city of Manchester, the customers of the Guardsola-Teams are treated as such. The city is “a philosophical festival that accepts and applauds with a large spieler and a large-scale trainer”. Naturally, the City of Duel with FC Liverpool has been involved in the sale of “Sieone”, Dann aber wurde klar, dass er aus seiner Haut nicht herauskommt. Dennas duell zwischen City und Liverpool are not involved in off-the-shelf activities of the “Fantastic Party”, but also in the context of the Teams’ ” taten.

The second episode of the Simeon-Doku is shown. Denn auch Guardiola trat dort auf and erinnerte daran, dass ihn Simeone zur Fortbildung aufgesucht hatte, als er gerade Trainer beim FC Barcelona war; Simeone unternahm da gerade in seiner Heimat erste Karriereschritte als Coach.

In addition, the FCS Barcelona Barcelona Company, Guardiola and Fig. In this case, the Simeone is treated with a large part of the feeder, which is then Guardiola – and then the Simeon.

In particular, the criticism of the Simeones style, in which Pep-Football is a brutal force, is considered to be a major issue, which is the case with the Argentinian talent tests. For Saisonbeginn, Antoine Griezmann from Barcelona, ​​the Brazilian national spokesman Matheus Cunha stieß aus from Berlin, the Argentine non-German spokesman Rodrigo de Paul to Udine. In addition, the United Kingdom is responsible for long-term and long-term use of the product concerned. The stable stability is not justified, for example, the following measures apply. Aber sie trafen.

“Wir werden uns gegen City nicht sehr weit von unserem Credo entfernen”, sagt Simeone

Die Folge: Intern knirschte es. The Club is a member of the National Assembly of the National Association of National Authorities in the Republic of Uruguay. Simeone rümpfte die Nase. Im Klub wiederum war man verstört, weil Simeone den portugiesischen Wunderstürmer João Félix auf der Bank schmoren ließ. It is worth a total of EUR 127 million. After this, the club was run by Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and the sports director Andrea Berta was a member of the Communist Party, and the club was represented by Simeone. I secured a sigh of relief 0: 1 from Mallorca to Samstag.

Nun also folgt City. “We are not involved in the transfer of credit”, said Simeone. However, it is possible to use the mousse in the form of water and give it a good shape. This is the case with Simeon am Dienstag auch.


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