Central Clinic Zollernalbkreis: Kreistag bringst Vorplanung auf den Weg – Balingen & Umgebung

The view of the popular clinic-location in the “first owner”: the company is under the management of the sales company of the garden company Sellner. Photo: Maier

The plan for the Central Clinic can be found: The majority of the cross-section of the administration of the administration has been completed.

Zollernalbkreis – Klinik-Geschääfführer Gerhard Hinger verwies auf die Überlegungen aus dem Jahr 2017, als das Zollernalb-Klinikum in jetziger Form in Betrieb genommen wurde, habe man bereits überlegt, was in Richtung kentralklini. Since November 2021, the Zollernalb-Klinikum has had an appointment for the pediatrician’s office, in addition to the construction of treatments, but in addition to all life-saving diseases – geriatrics, pulmonology and more. .

Not unproblematic

Balinger Baudezernent Michael Wagner took a discussion on the discussion about the area of ​​the second speaker, for his two friends in the “first story” in a review. Also, there is a biotope, a small car, which is not unproblematic, and in the area you can create a cruise area. In the area of ​​”Kelleregert” there is a three-way construction of the B 463, which is very “expensive”. The much-protected “Vogelschutzgebiet” has a total area of ​​43,000 hectares, and the first landlord has a standing area of ​​four hectares. Regional green? The building plan is not on the road. .

How are you?

Desernetin Catharina Pawlowskij believes that the Landkreis is not allowed in the planning, which Europeans have to write. How are you in the next year? The goal: The planning with cost reduction 2024 on the table to have, then the construction contract to fasten. It is worth 25 million dollars for the interior and extras of 25 million dollars. Aber es gehe darum, den Hang absusichern, eine Hochspannungsleitung zu verlegen und eine Anbindung an die Straße erzustellen. In 2017, there are 25,000 square meters, and there are 27,000 of them. The 2017 man has an analogue of the Balinger Krankenhaus – with construction prices of 7,000 Euros per square meter. There is also a staff room and a business garden. It is important to find out that the Landkreis for the planning of the Millions of Euros and Loans is a must, so Pawlowskij.

Prices have changed

Kreiskämmerer Heinz Pflumm sees a list of graphs on the basis of which the financing is available, free of charge to the Landrat Günther-Martin Pauli with the Social Ministry in contact. “We will also accept the foodstuffs,” said Pflumm. Funding is available to all members of the Foreign Ministry. And: “If the real estate of the clinic is not more valuable, you can see the market.” The cruise control should be available beforehand, but again.

“What do you want?”

Reinhold Schäfer (FWV) is responsible for assigning land benefits, but in addition to planning. Vorhaben werde zweifellos eine große Auswirkung auf den Kreishaushalt und den Haushalt der Kommunen haben. “What can we do?” Schäfer said. “Und was brauchen wir?” Yes, there are many aspects to consider. Und: Der Kreistag musse so bald wie möglich informiert werden, was gefördert wird und was nicht. The application of free foreign exchange: the Central Clinic is not subject to additional housekeeping. Und: ob der Standort Balingen nicht noch einmal hätte geprüft werden können.

Helmut Reitemann (CDU) said that his faction said: “We are in charge of the transfer, but the first choice is the highest standard”. And: “The time is running out.”

“Wann dann?”

Konrad Wiget (Green) thinks that his faction has a unique opinion. “Aber wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?”

Dietmar Foth (FDP) says that his faction has no idea about a new discussion. Based on your plans, it is very important to plan ahead. Angela Godawa (SPD) took part in the discussion for 20 years, as the majority of the district council decided to attend a Central Clinic. The Central Clinic is open to the public, with the Kelleregert and first-handers for the first time. In 2017, you will be able to view the view that the traffic connection in the cellar area will be.

No “reverse value” is discussed

Landrat Günther-Martin Pauli said that there was no “return value” to discuss. Verantwortung sei groß, seit den 1970er-jahren “geistere” die Idee eines Zentralklinikums herum, und dass die aktuelle Struktur nicht zukunftsfähig sei, sei sehr früh erkannt worden. It is also possible for the country to provide support for the planning costs.

Jürgen Fischer (SPD) stated that he was in charge of a central clinic, but according to this plan, in 2024, “if we want a central clinic, we will not be able to do anything”.

Erik Wille (AfD) is at his disposal, but the total cost of the runner will be. Peter Seifert (Grüne) said that he was a man, a clinic for the population, but for them, the best work, attractive is. Und hier gehe es darum, genau dies zu bauen, “sonst baut man es anderswo”. Andreas Hauser (Basisdemokratische Partei) believes that the most popular reading discussion of the standard discussion is worth it, but it is not easy with the first speaker.

Not in stone

Hans Edelmann (Green) argues that the decision of 2017 is not “in stone” and the Landrat Günther-Martin Pauli with his engagement in “political rallies” in the decision of 2017 on the palm trees. Damals sei die Entscheidung mit 36 ​​zu 27 Stimmen mehrheitlich getroffen worden, betonte Pauli.

At 35 Ja-, neun Neinstimmen und zwei Enthaltungen hat der Kreistag die Vorplanung für das geschztzt 400 Millionen Euro teure Projekt im Firstäcker mehrheitlich auf den Weg gebracht.


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