Hildesheim: Welterbe-Kirchen als Sehenswürdigkeiten | NDR.de – Ratgeber – Travel

Stand: 18.05.2022 18:02 Uhr The Hildesheimer Mariendom and the Romanesque Church of St. Michaelis goes to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also see the very expert homes on the market. Hildesheim is located in the culturally and historically interesting state of the Nordic countries. The Bummel does not miss the innstadt darf der … Read more

Badeseen und Baggerseen rund um Ulm

Ulm and the Alb-Donau-Kreis herum hat in Sachen Badesee and Baggersee a lot to beat. The cities of Ulm, Neu-Ulm and the borderlands have a large selection of baths with regular control and extracted water quality. Here are the baths in the view. 1. Badesee Erbach Der am sudlich Stadtrand von Erbach, rund 14 Kilometers … Read more

Corona in Offenbach / Hanau / Darmstadt: Infections and current RKI numbers

Home Offenbach Erstellt: 05/17/2022Updated: 17.05.2022, 06:43 Uhr From: Erik Scharf Parts Coronavirus has been treated for a round of offenbach, Hanau and Darmstadt. The RKI discloses the current data on new infections, incidents and deaths. Offenbach – About two years ago the Coronavirus was included in the Alltag in Offenbach, Hanau * and Darmstadt. Daily … Read more

Concert in the church: State music played Schramberg-Symphony – Schramberg & Umgebung

Meinrad Löffler (links) and Rudi Schäfer also visit the sheet music quintet of city music for a piece of music on the Empore. Photo: Fritsche Beim Benefiz-Konzert der Stadtmusik has had great musical songs and solidarity with Ukraine. Schramberg – With a welcome welcome to the Ukrainian parish priest Rüdiger Kocholl das “Benefiz-Kirchenkonzert zugunsten gefluchteter … Read more

TC Blau-Weiß Rottweil: Large poles in the jubilee year – Rottweil & surroundings

Vorsitzender Christian Pfau and FSJ-ler Jakob Bordt set up with other members of the TC Blau-Weiß dafür ein, the Verein moderner and offener z gestalten. Photo: Zelenjuk In addition to the Corona-Zeit, which is a jubilee year: The Tennis Club Blau-Weiß Rottweil offers 2022 the opportunity, great goals for the future. The United States will … Read more

Holy Cross Rottweil: A look at a multifaceted construction history – Rottweil & Surroundings

Architect Stefan Blum speaks about the famous building history of the Holy Cross. Photo: Hildebrand In the framework of the jubilee “900 years of the Holy Cross of Rottweil” the congress of the Munsterbauhütte Heilig-Kreuz takes place. Architect Stefan Blum speaks to a large group of interested people about the construction of the Holy Cross. … Read more

Concert in Wildberg: Choirs and Orchestras set up Cooperative Fort – Altensteig & Umgebung

The united music from Calw and Altensteig is covered in the year 2019 in the French language. Photo: Eißler Das Jugendsinfonieorchester Altensteig und die Chöre des Maria-von-Linden-Gymnasiums Stammheim führen am Sonntag, 22. Mai, in der Wildberger Martinskirche Karl Jenkins’ ‘The Armed Man – A Mass for Peace’ auf. Altensteig / Calw-Stammheim / Wildberg – The … Read more