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‘Tempo, Tempo, Tempo’, by Marco Rose (45), is a BVB trainer on the run. Inner parts of the construction work must be carried out on the surface of the workpiece as well as on the surface of the building and the operation is carried out. A mixture of sprint and torsion elements.

The train set up to the western part of the train is set at the same speed as the dynamics and the dynamics of the span. Do you intend to pay attention to the fact that the ground for a large number of problems?

The BVB found that Saison was not a giant producer. It is possible for the internal market to be completed. Denn im Raum steht eine unfassbare Zahl.

Dortmund weist in the current state of the league in the league under the league. The spheres are imported in a total of 306 parts per unit in the dieser. The Dauer-Verletzungs-Krise is referred to as BVB, which is a subsidiary of the Central Bank of Germany. Auch Rose brakhte immer wieder zum Ausdruck, wie eingeschränkt er durch dazappe Personal in seinen taktischen Möglichkeiten ist.


Marco Reus Kämpft schon während seiner ganzen Career in the world with the results


For sale: The transfer is based on the data from the transfer market. However, Saison mit allen Kader-Spielern (31) was established in 2072. In Meister-Konkurrent Bayern (26 Spieler) you are 1002. Ein Dortmund-Profi fällt im Schnitt 67 Tage aus, ein Bayern-Profi 39 Tage aus.

In addition, Dais Saison is a member of the BVB Group, which has been the subject of a record for the record holder!

Bedding is always under the extreme conditions of the musculature. Of the 65 exceptions, 33 are used. Rose bemängelte bereits, dass er fast die bad Saison ohne Top-Stürmer Erling Haaland (21) auskommen musste. The Norwegian law was amended in accordance with Article 16 to apply. Ohne Haaland fehlt im Schnitt genau ein Tor pro Pflichtspiel. The talent of Giovanni Reyna (19) is reflected in the 27 amendments to the Comprehensive Agreement. Sturm-Talent Youssoufa Moukoko (17) zog sich sogar zwei Muskelfaserrisse innerhalb von nur drei Monaten zu. Und Linksverteetiger Raphaël Guerreiro (28) has been translated into the Swedish version of the text – verpasste so 14 Pflichtspiele.


“Das hätte was!”
Wird er Dortmunds Haaland-Nachfolger?

Quelle: BILD

The internal rules: For example, such a solution is used to solve the problem, and the result is very small. SPORT PICTURE: the BVB-Verlantlichen hätten auchen angst vor harten Entencheidungen im Staff. Fehler im Personal wurden aber bisher keine erkannt. The aid is reduced. Sebastian Kehl (42) was born in Germany on the other side of the process. Der Bald-Sportdirektor z SPORT BILD: In Wissen, the individual Falling out of the case, after which the pattern is obtained, is determined and the results are not included in the analysis and result in the release. “

Was it an external expert? SPORT PICTURE of the renowned sports professors Professor Ingo Froböse (65) of the Cologne Sports School. Er sagt: ‘I have found that there is no problem with the manifestation of the dispute. Da muss man sich fragen: Was läuft im Fitness-Training möglicherweise falsch? In the event of a fall in the spin-off problem, there shall be a train-generating problem, which shall be the same. “

Seine Erklärung: ‘The issuing company shall be authorized. It was found that the musculature of the BVB spieler was the subject of an overburdened operation. We have been involved in Schuss-Training, for Sprint-training and in combination. For the purposes of this Regulation, the muscles of the musculature must not be affected. ‘

The main findings are as follows: The first regeneration is performed in the middle of the road. ‘

Auffällig: Gerade auch jüngere Spieler wie Haaland, Reyna od Moukoko fehlen häufig verletzt. The case is described in the following terms: Und hierich ich einen Systemfehler. Ich glaube, I would like to see the group and the intensive work of the spielern aus. ”

Was it the case for the BVB to be analyzed? Kehl: “For the purposes of this Regulation, the data relating to the diagnosis, analysis and analysis shall be carried out on the basis of the results of the tests carried out on the premises – for the purpose of obtaining and using the equipment!”

Fazit: The BVB must have a problem in the case of Griff. Both of these XXL cells are used in the construction of the plant.


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