Business in the Zollernal area: Two letters are very pessimistic – Balingen & Umbebung

The merits of the company in the construction industry are met with their business. Photo: Berg

Thousands of up-to-date annual events include regional handicrafts with limited experiences in the next week. Only a good operation is required with a breakfast. Allen Branchen has higher prices for materials and energy.

Zollernalbkreis – “The companies have their business as well as one year, and about all branches. For all companies, the members of the Crown Encryption are selected, you will be invited to Ukraine again. Enter the benefits of energy prices and supply of goods to a certain amount of money.

56.4 Percentage of enterprises in the Zollernalb, Freudenstadt, Reutlingen, Sigmaringen and Tübingen districts valued their commercial location in the first quarter with a “good” note (Vorjahresquartal: 43.6 per cent). Similarly, the share of the share is determined by the estimated amount of 26.5 percent to 15.5 percent.

The experiences are limited

Dennoch werden die Chancen, dass sih dieser Aufwärtstrand in den näschten Wochen fortsetzt, zurückhaltend eingeschätzt. 32.1 Percentage of claims calculated with best trades, round points percentage points per year. The conjuncture indicator of the Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce, the share divisions and activities combined, rises to + 29.7 points (first quarter 2021: + 24.9 points).

Three of the recreational courses in the first quarter include the development of the development of the branch. During the period of operation of the construction company (72 percent) and the construction industry (68 percent), the round is over, in the service area, also with hairdressers, beauticians and cutters, made in 32 percent. Allerdings lag dieser Anteil vor zwölf Monaten noch bei zehn Prozent.

Kfz-Gewerbe im Aufwärtstrend

Our businesses also include commercial agents, Kfz businesses and health businesses. The listings are available. 30.5 Percentage of operations recorded in the first quarter more orders, remittances recorded 24.3 Percent and damn ten times as much as the preferred Monaten (first quarter 2021: 36.7 per cent).

The average rental rate is in the annual amount of two weeks at a time of 12.9 weeks per person. Allerdings dürfte dieser Zuwachs nicht allein auf a gestiegene Nachfrage Zugückzuführen sein, betont Eisert. “The Omikron-Wale has also been discounted by handicraft companies and has not been used in small businesses for personal services. In the following cases, the plantations have not been used.”

The politician is forced

With corona-based lohnfortzahlungskosten in besonderer Weise belastet seien auch Handwerksbetriebe mit mersl als 30 beschaftigten. You do not know more about U1 conditions for partial instructions for this application. The politician is always up to date, and there is a “corona crash” for small and medium-sized companies.

All goods are subject to higher prices for materials and products. Round 94 Percent of all requests must be added to higher plans. Die Situation hat sich im Vergleich zum Vorjahr nochmals verschärft, so Eisert. Daily activities at the handicraft room.

“Guaranteed prices guarantee only for short stays. A metal worker pays attention to an employee, the best steel is still available for the current price. economic risk for the company has been added. ” Affiliate prices can be found at public hearings, as well as at the Vergaben des Bundes mittlerweile möglich sind.

Mid-range used help

“Leader has the land and the communes not yet taken into account, an advertised unprincipled price is a fair distribution of the risks to the perpetrators,” Eisert criticized. It is still possible to be a member of the municipal tax authorities, as well as other media facilities. Understanding the success of the company of handicrafts, but also the public or limited write-offs.

Jeweils 75 Percentage of construction and construction works as well as the owner’s plans for writing. In the food industry, in addition to the expenses for heat and cooling, a significant cost factor is provided, which is only 90 percent. Anders is located in the service branch. Zwar verzeichnen 87 Percent of the company’s higher expenses, the sales price can be up to 32 percent.


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