Buntes Osterprogramm in der gelben Villa:

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Buntes Osterprogramm in der gelben Villa:

Alida (10, vl), Louisa (11), Ela (10), Sammy (11), Lina (11), Ella (9) and Karla (10) are among the top performers.

Photo: Jörg Krauthöfer / FUNKE Photo Services:

Von Kung Fu bis Beauty- und Nähkurs: The yellow villa in Kreuzberg is a well-stocked Kind een passendes kostenloses Ferienprogramm.

Berlin. After the Pandemic War and the damn damn events, under the Kinder and Youth Bonds to get rid of, the Osterferien program is in the yellow Villa under the Motto: Druck ablassen! „Gibt so viele Gründe, current under Druck zu stehen. Do not use any pressure to remove it. We ö möchten ihn umwandeln zu Glück und Gesundheit – denn nur, wenn wir uns selbst wohl fühlen, können wir uns underen Kraft geben “, sagt Andreas Koepcke von der gelbe Villa in Kreuzberg.

In the Creative and Learning Center for Kinder you will want to include all the workshops with the Themeskreis Druck, Spanning and Entertainment. “Out of print there is outflow, out of spanning energy. “We can help the children with our new energy tanks,” said Andreas Koepcke.

“Entspann Dich” sings at the Workshop without all the Beauty Products and Self-Esteem products. In Kosmetiklabor you can find creams, peels, lip balms and swabs. Dazu entstehen in der Schneiderwerkstatt selbstgenähte bunte Kosmetik- oder kleinen Umhängetaschen. Lina (11) and Karla (10) were found near Portemonnaies and Abschminkpads from Stoffresten. “They are unlucky, they just want to get married,” said Karla. The youngest girl Ella shows her seat in front of the Haarbänder. Your workshops in the workshops will be extended to the outside world.

Um k .rperliche Energie geht es im Sportraum drei Stockwerke höher. Trainer Carl Georg Schmidt brings Jungen and a girl in one of the groups of Kung Fu at. The children play the role of gymnastics mattresses in front and back of the Schulter, jump in the hockey and take a quick look at the command as fast as in Actionfilm. The 26-year-old Carl Georg Schmidt studied Jura. “Aber das Training hier ist veel mehr für mich als nur eine Nebensache”, sagt er. When Kung Fu translates “you must go through the map Arbeit erringen” and genu das versucht er, den Kindern zu vermitteln. “It goes to the administration and coordination, but also to the Rücksichtnahme, Aufmerksamkeit and Leidenschaft”, he is a 26-year-old. „Kind Kek bekommt beim Kung Fu, was es braucht: the Schüchternen train, from which heraus to go and clare Signals to go, the Rabauken, müssen lernen to beherrschen and Grenzen der anderen to respect. “

Kung Fu Training like the Kindern Self Service:

Dem zehnjährigen Mohammad gefällt das Kung-Fu-Training, „weil ich merke, wie ich stärker werde û mich verteidigen kann“.

The workshops like a freshly baked waffle from the milking parlor and opening in the garden. The word in this year with a letter from Berliner helps eV is new, naturally under the influence of the child. More than 1000 Blumenzwiebeln have been seen, in front of the blown Plants, the Wildblocks unlocked and in the altar Holzstämmen complete with Käffer and Insects. “Die Kinder freuen sich überes Tier, das sie entdecken”, says Katrin McIntosh, verantwortlich für das Gartenprojekt.

Kreuzberg Creativity and Education Center:

The Yellow Villa is located directly on Victoria Park, offering the magnificent Hauser and stand 14 years ago, regardless of Jovita Stiftung: the house 2004 for children and teenagers. The most powerful tools with workstation-, music-, sports- and computer-enabled creative creativity work in a motivating environment. In the Potentials and Zoology schemes socially friendly children are encouraged to get free workshops at all workshops. The yellow villa is co-operated with the Kreuzberger Grundschulen and the project project. More info and subscriptions at www.die-gelbe-villa.de/


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