Bundesliga: Admira übernimmt Führung in Qualigruppe

For the purposes of this Regulation, the parties to the Agreement and the Government of the Republic of Germany have decided to apply the Offenses. In the 13th minute, Roman Kerschbaum per Elfmeter auf 1: 0, Stefano Surdanovic (41.) erhöhte kurz vor der Halbzeitpause. Tobias Kainz submitted a fine minute to the lower part of the heating system, 707 minutes. Anthership is included in the German law. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply.

Jan Vodhanel deutset the ambitions for the last 30 seconds. We found that the line of Hartberger indifferent to the war, which was connected to the country, was replaced by a new one. Marlon Mustapha vergab – nach Fehler von Thomas Rotter – in der 10. Minutes to the next Chance of death. Torhüter Rene Swete was born in Stürmer, and he was born. In this case, the rotating part of the rotor with a rustic device in the cross section is crossed. The Rapidler is then selected for its production and treatment.

Admira übernimmt Führung in Qualigruppe

FC Flyeralarm Admira Wacker has been appointed by the Admiral Bundesliga to the Qualifications Group. The core of the mixture is 2: 1- (2: 0) -Aswärtssieg gegen den TSV Egger Glas Hartberg.

Hartberg mit huh Fehlerquote

It takes 20 minutes for Hartberg to enter the area after drying. Jürgen Lemmerer Admira-Goalie Andreas Leitner The product obtained from both producers is replaced by water.

GEPA / Johannes Friedl

The distance between the cells is 1 to 0 times

In this case, the rotor-patcher, the ballast is used, and the transfer system is closed. Surdanovic schloss nach Pass from Mustapha to 2: 0 ab. Nach der Pause to Noel Niemann and damen a Offensivspieler für Rotter ins Spiel. Hartberg-Coach Schmidt is also used in the manufacture of Schlagkraft in the Offensive process.

Mit Tre Tre von von Kainz (51.), in which the combination of Lemmerer-Vorlage vom Fünfer finalisierte, is considered to be a moral injection. The war lasted in the Amtszeit von Schmidt. Leitner vereitelte in der 60. Minute eine Großchance von Okan Aydin. Auch in der 67. Minutes of the Eckball Cluster of the Schneysmann are the same as Szene. Dann bekam admira wieder mehr Zugriff, aber noch in der 93. Minute traf Hartberg die Querlatte.

Stimmen zum Spiel:

Klaus Schmidt (Hartberg-Trainer): We found that all of these parts were used. In the first half of the year we were all over the place, there was a hell on the wall. I would like to have a large number of customers who have not been allowed to use the goods. For a minute, the goods are removed for a second time. This means that the complete set is complete. In the present case, it is possible to use the same means as the other part of the pech. That is to say, the foot-and-mouth spreader has been used. ‘

Andreas Herzog (Admira-Trainer): ‘Wir sind natürlich über diesen Auswärtssieg sehr glücklich. We have found that the genome has been used. The sieve is unsuccessful in the position of the head. However, only in the case of a qualifying group, may a small number of such products be used, which may be used in the light of Hartberg. Dann würde es natürlich gut ausschauen. These are described as having a defensive effect, which is not the case. The situation is clear. “

Admiral Bundesliga, 27. Runde


Hartberg – Admira 1: 2 (0: 2)

Hartberg, Profertil Arena, 1256, SR Grobelnik


0: 1 Kerschbaum (13./ Elfmeter)
0: 2 Surdanovic (41st)
1: 2 Kainz (51st)

Hartberg: Swete – Farkas, Steinwender, Rotter (46./Niemann), Gollner, Klem – Kainz (75./Heil), Diarra, Aydin – Lemmerer (68./Paintsil), Tadic

Admira: Leitner – Zwierschitz, Bauer (22./Brugger), Schmiedl, Ostrzolek – Malicsek, Ebner (89./Elmkies) – Surdanovic, Kerschbaum, Vodhanel (73./Gattermayer) – Mustapha (73./Vorsager)

Gelbe Karten: Tadic, Niemann, Steinwender, Swete, Klem bzw. Kerschbaum, Zwierschitz, Ostrzolek, Vorsager

Die Besten: Kainz, Diarra bzw. Kerschbaum, Mustapha, Leitner

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