Brustkrebs-Diagnose. Wie ein Sport-BH dieser Mutter das Leben rettet

14. April 2022 – 10:37 Uhr

Sandra Greene from Cheslyn Hay (Great Britain) went to the country. Have you ever been to the State of the Sports Association? The Sport-BH is naturally occurring, and only then and stell. Im Leben hätte sie aber vermutlich nicht damit gerechnet, dass genau dieses Kleidungsstück es sein wird, das ihr das Leben rettet.

Weil der Sport-BH scheuert: Sandra Greene untersucht ihre Brust

Imre Frühling läuft Sandra Greene los – eigentlich alles wie immer. Denn sie liebt es, joggen zu gehen. Doch bei ihrem Trainingslauf immersed in these plots, dass ihr Sport-BH on the other hand and unangenehm an ihre Brust reibt. The compounds of Staffordshire, Great Britain, and the Irritation of the Dangerous Substance and the Reduction of the Oder and the Beef are also linked to Brust. Irrendwas fühlt sich “falsch” an, wie sie der regionalen Abendzeitung “Express & Star” erzählt. This is the case for family-owned workers in the country. Und tatsächlich: Die Ärzte bestätigen ihre Vermutung. Greene hat Brustkrebs. “I am drinking in the panic, but the man who is at the same time and underwent it, and he said,” said.

After the mastectomy and the reconstruction, the brust of the monate, on October 2021, was replaced by a chemical monochrome with the aid of a brute-free process. This is the case for the use of hormone therapy.

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Jetzt suf weiter: Sandra Greene sammelt Spenden für die Krebsforschung

The jet is positively positive in the field: “The compound is used as a chemotherapeutic treatment. Sohn Bradley has been involved in football matches and has been involved in the training of the Corona Lockdowns.

For 54 years, the “Race for Life” program, which is the subject of a “Cancer Research UK” procedure, is used. These are described in the description above and below: “For the purposes of the ‘Race for Life’, the energy and energy of the vehicle shall be determined by means of an airplane. , which may be used for the purposes of the contract, or which have been granted. ” The Commission therefore considers that the provisions of the Millennium Development Goals should be amended accordingly. It is therefore necessary to finance the work carried out.

Jane Redman, from the Cancer Research UK in the West Midlands, said: “The Race for Life” is described as “Express & Star”.

“Der Sport-BH six mir das Leben gerettet!”

The passage of the step by step 54 is determined by the arrangement of the Cancer Research UK.

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Sandra Greene has been involved in the construction of Cancer Research UK for a total of 3,000 and 4,000 British pounds, for a total of 3,600 Euros. “All subgroups which are present and intended to be treated in the same way as the T-Shirts have been the subject of the present case. aber für ein gemeinsames Ziel. “

In the present case, and only in the case of such products, the name of the company is set aside. ! ” (vdü)

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