Borussia Dortmund: Wie ein Verfolger, der Benzin sparen will – Sport

For Cologne Vertex Timo Hübers stricks to see the Netherlands with Mister Fantastic, Gummi-Mann, and half of them: Giovanni Reyna and the Cologne Torwart Marvin Schwäbe , an deren Spitze der wilde Wikinger Erling Haaland herangaloppierte.

Gleich, after the war and then to 50,000 Zeugen in the stadium, went to the side of Reyna’s ball in 74. The minute was 2: 1 for Borussia Dortmund. Reyna spielte den Pass in die Mitte, den er spielen musste, aber der Ball kam nicht an. Denn aus der Tiefe des Weltraums war plötzlich mit einem olympischen Sprint der Kölner Angreifer Jan Thielmann nach hinten geeilt. The fungus of the suspension is undefined and is present. Dad Stadion kochte, Thielmann jubelte über seine se Tatie wie ein brünftiger Gorilla, und bald darauf wurde in Kölner WhatsApp-Gruppen ein Bild des jungen Retters herumgeschickt, versehen mit einsilbigen Comment: Held!

The Fragment of the Dortmunder WhatsApp Group was given and received. The Fans of the BVB were awarded a 1: 1 (1: 1) elf award 1. FC Köln keinen Grund, Bilder e Spielers zu varchicken, der als Held hervorragte, obwohl Trainer Marco Rose feststellte be the subject of the application and the administration of the contract.

Rose war ein fairer Verlierer. For this purpose, the team of the eclipse of the company has been involved in the operation of the company in the second half of the second half of the year. It is not possible for the chain to be treated and then treated as a 1: 1 mixture. According to the Urteil Seines, the College Steffen Baumgart, the former “Baumi” (as the case may be): Das 1: 1 sei “ein gerechtes Ergebnis”.

An explanation is provided for in the following terms:. Until the Mangel has been sold, the BVB and the other parties to the Cologne have not been able to do so. Diesen Ärger Roses hätte das Publikum nicht nur verstanden – es hätte ihn auch erwartet.

This is the only way to reach the end of the day …

Clary, in which case the BVB has a significant effect on the table, is shown in paragraph 1 above. In the case of a board member FC Bayern, the provisions of this Regulation apply to the comfort of a single room.

The aid granted by the BVB is not covered by the provisions of this Regulation. Dortmund is considered to be the main source of gas at the same time as gasoline. For the purposes of this Regulation, the aid will be granted. Marco Rose was appointed by the Government of the Republic of Germany on the occasion of the entry into force of this Agreement, which was replaced by the term “Ergebnis”.

The company in charge of the master’s dealership is not a member of Motivationskick, Running Gag: We are right in the world, we are right: Verkackt! Do you want to use this method? ” In the case of “Sportenf Sebastian Kehl declares that the” Table of the Racecourse “has been used in this case.

For the purposes of the present invention, the fleece has been subjected to the action of the roses. In the present case, the BVB-Chefrainer has been integrated into the Land of Germany on the other side of the FCB as a result of the merger.

“In this case, the company is responsible for the realization of the situation. However, in the case of the master carpentry, it is not possible to do so”, said Kehl in Cologne. In this case, the method is used as an anchovy, and Thielmann can be used as an instrument, such as a dormitory.


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