Börse Express – How to play football courts in Germany

The vandel des Stadions von einem Ort, an dem einige Veranstaltungen im Jahr stattfanden zu ein ganzjährig verfügbaren Anlage, ist a den den Ausbau des Olympiastadions in Sydney zurückzuführen. Zum ersten Mal sollte außer einer sicheren und praktischen Architektue die Umweltfreundlichkeit ein Projekt beinflussen. The possibilities, high rainwater levels for the specialist water supply to the needs, the total energy consumption of building materials to be minimized and natural lighting to be maximized, are only one of the most important changes, and all the new ideas.

The new concept is a point of departure

Sports events, non-existent football events, often in Germany are well-known. In the trains of the 2006 World Cup, a stadium was built and one of the stadiums in the cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin was renovated or rebuilt. Take away from a user-friendly structure, the maximum comfort and high security provided, the stadium as an architectural symbol in the city landscape is open, a huge effect on the community and the infrastructure in the infrastructure. In Germany, there is football for many fans as a religion and a visit to a football stadium and a festive department with your life. But the use of stadiums is not limited to football events, except for the company and other events. The modern planning of the stadiums is a miserable flexibility, but their economic potential through the integration of alternative forms of development is growing. Most of the stadiums are open to other sports, entertainment, public events and business conferences or offices, and these are economically integrated services. The stadium is an informative environmentally friendly, the possibilities for burghers are also commercially available, and the roof is open to the public.

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Inquiries and surroundings

Congratulatory activities such as concerts and company events are possible, optional for guests. A special offer for the application of stadiums is the Munich Alliance Arena. Also available, including the stadium with the sale of entrance and ticket cards, VIP seats and hospitality packages, you can also come to the list of independent TV broadcasts and other media activities, as well as museums. In addition to advertising and company events, special events such as concerts or conferences, there is a wide range of information. A wide range of customers is provided with a large and extensive bandwidth and services and facilities in the catering area, which also offers a commercial property for the benefit of the city. The complete infrastructure of the stadiums is a magnet for tourists from the world. It is easy to understand that the commercialization of a stadium is very similar to the outstanding marketing strategy, it has an ideal, dynamic and outstanding plan, a steady and convenient sports stadiums.


Naturally, a stadium with a large capacity can be used to provide the most technologically advanced features of the football community, as well as the best facilities and a playground on the high level. The construction of a sports stadium in Germany has been taken into account, but it is also possible to complete a project designed in accordance with the ideal and profitable rental business.


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