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Potsdam – Die Hilfs- und Spendenbereitschaft in Potsdam und Umgebung für die Menschen in der Ukraine an. It is worth a new initiative. So there are 300 offers from men, private privates are available, you can find a housekeeper on request.

The PNN has an overlook, but the rest of the help is also available in the Potsdam accommodation. The number of this offer is up to date.

Lots of help

Weiterhin können in Drewitz on Silbergraben 20 Spenden is completely available – current information on all foodstuffs, medical articles, power banks and hygiene products.

Am Samstag werden auf dem universitätsgelände in Goal in Lesecafé (Haus14a, Raum 0.46) from 12 o’clock again Spenden together. Beneficiates of medicines, first aid kits, hygiene items (windmills, tampons, binders, etc.), power banks (for use with solar and cable), foodstuffs (z. B. baby food, canned food, frozen broth, energy grinder, news). . It will be free of charge, the papers in the cardboard or the finished pages will be packed and written – provided in English.

The cultural initiatives Chor International and Heimatsounds rufen für Samstag, dem 12. März, zu einer Speech action and a concert am Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam on. Oberbürgermeister Mike Schubert (SPD) published “Singen für den Frieden in der Ukraine” at 1 p.m. Around 15 o’clock talk Moderator Tim Jäger with Potsdam Social Worker Brigitte Meier (SPD). At 4.15 pm, the Minister of Culture Manja Schüle (SPD) has an appointment for the show: inside.

There are also concerts by Liedermacher Gerhard Schöne, the singer Dota Kehr and the Potsdamer Band “Ernstgemeint”. Zuvor wird die Bühne ab 13.30 Uhr geöffnet für ein gemeinsames Musizieren von ukrainischen und russischen Künstler: innen. Also read the texts from the Potsdam Begging Cafe. Also, “Chorsingen für den Frieden” is on the program. The entrance is free. Spends a lot.

The Quartierstreff StaudenhofAm Alten Markt 10, starts at Wednesday night Help on all projects between 11 and 17 o’clock for the farewells from Ukraine. There is also a warm workshop with a selection of coffee shops and cookies, information in Ukrainian and Russian language in Potsdam, also for orientation in the city, and help in filling out forms and offers for delivery. You should also be offered translations. On Wednesdays and Fridays I find a meeting between 3 and 5 pm for a consultation with a Russian psychologist. The Quarter Street is located at the Alten Markt 10 between the city and state libraries and the Sparkasse.

Solche Spendenaktionen wie hier laufen in Potsdam seit Beginn des Kriegs.Photo: Andreas Klaer

Am Mittwoch lud das BegegnungsCafé Potsdam from 14 to 16 hours for a first visit from Ukraine and Potsdam Oskar Begegnungszentrum in Drewitz, Oskar-Meßter-Straße 4-6. Friendly supporters are welcome.

The Potsdam family center and multi-generation house Meeting point leisure timeAm Neuen Garten 64, bietet Accommodation offers for Ukrainian families In addition to such activities, the translations and children’s care can be taken into account. You are interested in the information provided by Tel .: 0157/30 05 05 83 or by E-mail [email protected]

One private suspension hat sich über das Nachbarschaftsnetzwerk formiert. Potsdamerin Katharina Lewald is looking for an interview Baby Bags. Dabei handles a meal with utensils, baby and mother for a day, gift of babysitting, windmills, masks for mothers, safes and hygiene products. A packing list can be found at The recommended information can be found at Lewald in the Nauener Vorstadt, the specific address can be addressed to Spender on Whatsapp on the number 0152 10722902. in addition to the border area, only baby bags are still available, including Lewald.

The initiative “Ukraine-Lerchensteig” nimmt von Montag bis Samstag von 12 bis 18 Uhr am Lerchensteig 49-51 Spenden an. In Potsdam live Ukrainians have the action on the way. Two international sports are located in Ukraine. Current information about the action is here.

In the Wetzlarer Straße 38 summed up a private initiative Help for children from Ukraine. Beneficial of children’s shoes, children’s bikes, running bikes, small furniture, mattresses, raincoats and blankets. Spends in the week between 12 and 3 pm can be arranged, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm.

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An hour of peace on the Friday day Eisenhart Primary School. On the Schulhof, there are 300 students: in the Friedenszeich and the word “Peace” (Frieden). “We want to bring people to the world of peace and happiness”, said one of the first class members.

Ein Ukraine Spendenfest Sun on Sunday, March 13, from 2 pm, at Johan-Boumann Square in Bornstedter Feld, stattfinden. There is also a kitchen bar, a music lounge from the restaurant and a floral market. The organizer is Merw Schmidt.

Come together. An ecclesiastical religious community for Ukraine organizes Christian churches, also in front of …Photo: Andreas Klaer

At the Potsdamer Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo) können an vier Stellen jeweils von 10 bis 16 Uhr Spenden abgegeben werden: Neuendorfer Straße 39 a, 14480 Potsdam; Schatztruhe, Erlenhof 34, 14478 Potsdam; Kulturhaus Babelsberg, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 135, 14482 Potsdam und Grundschule Golm, In der Feldmark 28, 14476 Potsdam. On the Donnerstag you can find a carriage and four transporters on the road to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

You can also find out more Lindenpark Cultural and Family Center in the Stahnsdorfer Straße 76/78 is open. In this week you will find another helpful transport. It can be used for fluids.

The largest sports association in the state of Brandenburg, the SC Potsdambereitet in Kooperation mit dem Verein Neues Toleranzediktder Action Brandenburg Hilftthe online help portal HelpTo and the Christoph Miethke GmbH & Co. KG one Suspension assembly and a spender transport am kommenden Samstag, dem 12. März, vor. Gathered together medical articles, technical devices, tablecloths, clothes and textiles. A list of well-known Dinge can also be found at For transport, transport and packaging materials such as cardboard and very large bags are provided. Spends on Saturday at 9 am to 2 pm in the office of SC Potsdam eV, Maimi-von-Mirbach-Straße 11/13, is open. Zeitnah today starts the LKWs on the Ukrainian border.

At the Spendenaktion des Einstein-Gymnasiums stone costs 2600 Euro together. With the money, the action fund Katastrophenhilfe Ukraine is supported.

The Einstein-Gymnasium has a choice of a special box.Photo: Einstein-Gymnasium

Help for art artists

A joint venture Company and the Potsdamer Association Water sports friends Pirschheide has received a spender at the Polish-Ukrainian border. Mehrere Kleintransporter voller Hilfsgüter is located on weekends on the road in the border area and on the back of the Ukrainian border with the famous water sportsman Ramona Linné from the privately organized Spendenaktion.

About the Potsdamer Circus Montelino only one Retirement action for children and young people from two Kiev art schools. We, Montelino-Geschäftsführerin Annette Paul, have been informed and are currently counting 190 livelihoods. A large part of the famous artists can be found in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Einige kommen nach Potsdam, meist begleitet von deren Müttern, so Paul. The Circus Montelino wants to train a place to train. It is also worthwhile, and a second Zirkuszelt in the Volkspark for trainings and training shows has been announced. Dafür benötige man Spenden, so Paul. Further information under

The Montelino Circus in the Potsdam People’s Park.Photo: Ottmar Winter

The Potsdamer Kreisverband der Linken fuhr am Mittwoch mit drei Kleinbussen voller Help of the Polish-Ukrainian border. Hespendet hatte unter anderem die Linke-Stadtfraktion.

Many actions also in the Potsdam region

Also in Potsdam area, the Stahnsdorfer collects ClaB Youth and Family Center summed up until the Friday at Bäkedamm 2 for one evacuated Kinderheim with children between two and six years. It is located under other socks, laundry and laundry. A comprehensive list is available at

The sports association RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf brachte am Donnerstag Hilfsgüter in die polnische Stadt Przemysl (Prömsel) on the Ukrainian border. On the back of the back, you should be able to enjoy yourself.

[Was ist los in Potsdam und Brandenburg? Die Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten informieren Sie direkt aus der Landeshauptstadt. Mit dem Newsletter Potsdam HEUTE sind Sie besonders nah dran. Hier geht’s zur kostenlosen Bestellung.]

In Teltow organize Schüler: innen der Anne-Frank Primary Schoolon the Ernst-Schneller-Straße / John-Schehr-Straße am am Freitag, dem commmenden Montag und Mittwoch jeweils von 14 bis 16 Uhr einen Kuchenverkuuf zugunsten der Ukraine. Get the rest right with the border.

School des Teltower Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasiums look forward to Wednesday Friedensdemonstration from.

The middle class Kreismusikschule veranstaltete am Donnerstag ein Spend concert in the bourgeois hall in the town hall Kleinmachnow, Adolf-Grimme-ring 10. The beneficiary will be honored by the dozen: inside the school.

In Kleinmachnow, the sogenannte KlimaFreitag an, organized by the Kleinmachnow4 climate group in the House of Solidarity with Ukraine. So wird es am Freitag, dem 11. März, eine Friedensdemonstration given, at 17 o’clock on the town market begins. Demonstrate the parts of the Ortes and the Evangelical Church, but.

Spends in Kleinmachnow im Fuchsbau 47 be accepted. Dort employ die Union Sozialer Einrichtungen (USE) gGmbH in Kooperation mit der Gemeinde und dem Unionhilfswerk eine “Schatzkammer für Spenden”. A list of well-known guts is here.

In Werder (Havel) be in the town of Plessow in the fire station (Hauptstraße 49d) at night on Saturday (9 am to 2 pm) Spend together. The updated list of well-known midwives is here.

In Potsdam rufen die Kirchengemeinden zu Friedensgebeten an Jedem Mittwoch im Wechsel in der evangelischen Nikolaikirche on the Old Market and the Catholic St.-Peter-und-Paul-Kirche at the swimming pool on. The Middle Ages in the Nikolaikirche starts at Wednesday night. It was found around 19 o’clock. At the end of the day, it is possible to find out about the current situation.

Nail cross crucifixion is a sign of solidarity. The Ukrainian fahne am Turm der Garnisonkirche soll an den Bruch des Völkerrechts durch den russischen Angriff und an den Freiheitswillen des ukrainischen Volkes erinnern.

The Nail cross crucifix loaded one Saturday at the Gottesdiensten at 18 o’clock, in the days of peace and for the end of the war the war was held. We are going to the Cottbus partner transport center to Odessa.

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