Bodenseekreis: Fußball trotz Fasten: Ein muslimischer Sportler und ennhrungsberaterin über Sport im Ramadan

From April to Ditib-Moschee in Friedrichshafen: Orhan Öskürci fährt im dunklen BMW vor und steigt aus. It is also considered to be a dress and arm to play football. Der 20-year Flügelstürmer des SV Kehlen sieht ausgeruht aus. Er sagt: “Mir ght es gut, ich fühle mich fit.”

In that regard, the Muslims were witnessed as a result. The fruit juice, which is toasted, is removed for one hour. If the mousse is present for one hour. Von Müdigkeit oder Wassermangel dennoch keine Spur: Öskürci sieht fit aus.

& bdquo; Ich mark, wie sich mein Körper durch das Fasten verändert & ndash;  ins Positive & ldquo ;, sagt Orhan Öskürci.

“I would like to see a positive view of the Fast Transition – Positive”, says Orhan Öskürci. | Photo: Mario Wössner

16 hours in Essen and Trinken

On the other hand, the Kingdom of Sweden worsened in Ramadan – the name of the family. The hatchet was placed on the side of the wall. “I have a good idea of ​​the nature of the product”, as the case may be. For this purpose, the essential elements of the compound are used in the construction and operation of the plant. “Der Magen muss leer sein.”

The abovementioned bricks are fastened to water. It is from 20.30 to 4.30 o’clock before the last day. For the purposes of the Treaty, the aid is granted. “In the case of imaging products, the name of the child shall be reduced to the size of the portions”.

For the sake of Ramadan, the members of the Board of Governors were appointed by Katrin Rahrig. These are used for 12, 14 or 16 hours before the start of the operation. Anders als bei fastenden Muslimen sei hier aber das Trinken erlaubt.

Fasten im Islam

Vier Kilogramm abgenommen

Welche Folgen des Fastens spürt Orhan Öskürci? “I would like to see a positive view of the Fasten Verändert – ins Positive. Ich spüre, wien meine Muskeln sich aufbauen “, erzählt der Fußballer. After this, Ramadan will be rebuilt in one of the two countries. This is due to Fett. In that case, the weight of the kilograms shall be 72 tonnes.

Zwar fastet Öskürci eigentlich aus religigönen Gründen. ‘The abovementioned mixture is the same as that of the cake. Ein schöner Pluspunkt “, beschreibt er. These are also used as a result of the use of the best results. “Wenn ich faste, dann komplett – aber immer nur im Ramadan”, sagt Öskürci.

Ernährungs- und Hormonberaterin Katrin Rahrig.

Ernährungs- und Hormonberaterin Katrin Rahrig. | Photo: Katrin Rahrig

It was considered that the transfer was due, and Katrin Rahrig said: Begit, den Fettabbau anzufahren. ‘Damit werde der Fettspeicher zur Energiegewinnung genutzt.

Fußball und Fasten? “Ausdauer ist weg”

For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. “For the purposes of this Regulation”, Er hühle sich dann schlapp, habe wenig Lust darauf, etwas zu machen. For example, this type of problem is due to the nature of the sport.

It is possible to carry out the operation of the 20-year-old unit, which means that the goods are covered. Öskürci sagt: ‘The number of such batches may be used as a means of transport. Sein Trainer sagte: “Orhan, du sprintest heute nicht, du fastest.”

These are of interest


Warum has been completed: The provisions of this Regulation have been amended accordingly.

Annette Merschroth fastet in Worblingen.

Sind Fasten und Sport in Kombination gefährlich?

Is there a problem with this problem? Expert Katrin Rahrig winkt ab. “It is not possible to intervene in the sport at the time.” “The sport is an intense sport without angling”, with the exception.

The warnings are set out above in relation to the issues raised during the Ramadan Agreement: “

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