BMW X7: SUV-Flaggschiff bekommt ein Facelift

The BMW SUV-Flaggschiff eine umfangreiche Renovierung. If the optics are modified, then 5,15-meter-colosses are obtained.

This is the first time the BMW X7 has been used in the SUV sales area. Jetzt gibt es pünktlich zur Halbzeit des Modellzyklus ein Facelift, dasen Namen wirklich verdient. These include the use of a complete set of rings and grills for towing. Dabei nimmt der große SUV in einigen Design-Details Anleihen beim künftigen 7er, set sich so as deutlicher vom kleineren X5 ab.

Das Design

However, in the case of the “Frontal Protection System”, the name of the vehicle is determined by means of a blanket. It is possible for the group to be connected to the group and then separate from the group. The lighting technology is series-based on all models of adaptive matrix LEDs.


The new Optics for the BMW X7 can be found in the “Gesicht” for the first time.

It is natural that the complete fronts are not used in the light of the scaffold. The edge and the lower part of the headboard are slowly exposed to the techno-look. These are used for the purpose of drying, for which the segments of the strainer have been used and which are not so large. The “Iconic Glow” LED LED is not available on the X7 M60i xDrive (series).

According to the invention, the modifications of the invention are carried out in the same way as in the case of optical instruments. Dass man die The model of the vehicle is exposed to light only. In the case of the X7, the relative weight of the X-ray box is reduced to the size of the light source, and the chromium is used to reduce the size of the filter.

Die Motoren

This engine is not suitable for use in the manufacture of vehicles under the name of the Mildhybrid technology. For this purpose, a maximum of 200 Nm of torque and a maximum of 12 PS of the current boiler are used. The new X7 with the system can be connected to the power supply system and integrated into the E-car.

The “base” is shown as a reed cylinder with a liter of X7 xDrive40i and xDrive40d. The benziner in xDrive40i is connected to the current state of the X7 drive. The discharge is 47 to 380 PS, with a maximum torque of 70 Nm and 520 Nm. The reaction time was zero between 0.5 and 5.8 seconds. The 340-PS-Diesel (System with Mildhybrid 352 PS) was used in Details and the X7 from 6.1 for up to 100 seconds.

The top model is a variant of M60i, with a discharge (530 PS) and a torque (750 Nm) of the M50i. The 4,4-liter V8 engine with twin-turbochargers is series-operated with a standard sports drive, the standard speed (13.3 to 12.2 l / km) and the weight of the Mildhybrid engine. The standard for Sprint is limited to 4.7 seconds on the standard M50i V8 xDrive.

Das Interieur

The building was renovated in the X7 area. Weniger bei den Möbeln, sondern bei der Infotainment-Elektronik und dem Bediensystem. These are also available in the form of a curved display, which is also available from the SUV flagship of the BMW Einzug. The combination of digital instruments with a 12.3 inch image diagonal with a 14.9 inch central display and a different display is also available in the BMW OS 8 system as part of the system. For the purpose of displaying the display instrument, the display of the display is not very small, and the image is shown as such.

BMW X7 Facelift / Modellpflege MY 2023


The Curved Display is now available in the BMW X7.

For example, the system is equipped with automatic controls, which can be used and the iDrive controller is flanked. For example, X7 is optionally used in the form of a mixture, which is preferably used in the form of a solid and is also used in the form of a mixture.

It is possible to override the use of a series of comfort systems, including the comfort system and the panoramic glazing, and to adjust the base conditions.

The Assistance System

In the case of auxiliary systems, the model is equipped with functional functions. It is therefore possible for the frontal collectors to carry out the operation of the vehicle, which may be parallel to the vehicle. In addition, the System may be subject to the provisions of this Regulation and to the provisions of this Regulation. The optional Driving Assistant Professional can be used as an ambulance and as an auxiliary driver for cars.

Die Preise

The market start for the X7 terminated by BMW on August 2022. The price is 95,400 Euros for the X7 xDrive40i and 122,200 Euros for the X7 M50i.


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BMW X7 50i, Exterieur

The BMW X7

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With the Facelift of the BMW X7, the car is still recyclable for SUV refurbishment. The front part of the Schlitz-Leuchten is closed. From this point on, the armature monitor with the corresponding display is equipped with a modeling system for the model. One or more of these compounds are modified with a modified Cylinder-Benziner (Premier in X7) and all of which are integrated into hybrids.


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