BMW M135i mit überarbeitetem Fahrwerk

BMW for the M-drive has been fitted with a 306 PS M135i with a technical update to the power supply. Fruchtet die Nacharbeit?

For this purpose, the manufacturer of the vehicle and the manufacturer of the BMW M135i are equipped with the following conditions: sein Initial verspricht. This is not the case for meals.

Damit wir uns richtig verstehen, es geht hier nicht um den Motor. In the case of a white-collar carriage, which may be used in the form of supercharges, it is possible to use the same type of equipment as in the case of 306 PS.

Uwe Fischer

For example, a two-cylinder wind turbine is used up to 306 PS.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. Die Krux? The transfer of the balance and the supply of all systems to the Haldex principle in the Kraft feedstock are prohibited. Situationally with a maximum of 50 percent at 450 Nm, it can be passed along. In this case, the second-handed torque splitter is connected to the mains and is then connected to a cross-section of the coupling, which is the result of an effect in the circuit.

The vehicle was not fitted to a BMW, which was fitted with a vehicle of the same type as the VW Golf R; and it is possible to b) in the case of a mussel, to which the M135i is fastened at a rate of 2,000 Euro.

Das Beste rausgeholt

Bloß was tun? In this case, the situation is described as having the same effect. Doch weil M eben auch für Macher steht, hat man sich entschlossen, das Problem direkt anzupacken. The results of the tests are not limited to the performance and the various tests are performed on the basis of the data. The anonymous version of the Services for BMW and the BMW, M135i-Fahrer for maximum potential Compact athletes can be used as pilots for the M3 or M4. And if we do not know how much of this is possible, it will be used in the form of a gel M135i, and then – and the update will be completed.

Was it safe? Salopp gesagt: So eine Art Zwei-Stufen-Plan raus aus der Misere. To this end, the relevant cells have been used: the transmission and the operation of the vehicle are offset, the transmission of the gas and the motor is good, the recalibration capacity is 1.525 Kilograms and the current speed is determined by hand. Some of the equipment in the case of gas: is used in the manufacture of gas, such as in the case of gas pumps.

BMW M135i (2022), Fahrdynamik-Update

Uwe Fischer

Altes Umfeld, neues Feeling: The modification of the series of M-devices used in the process. The abutment of the barrier is not limited.

For this purpose, the M-Sport device according to the following conditions has been used: For a total of 25 years, the unit has been used for a period of 30 years to meet the requirements of this Regulation. Effect of Ganzen? Deutlich! If this is not the case, it is not possible to use the same conditions as before. Und all: ums Eck. Dank des Workouts entwickelt de jetzt deutlich mehr Zug an der Befehlskette. The powders are: For example, Pudding in the musculature is used in the manufacture of the product, and the following conditions are used: the splice is shown at the beginning of the operation; and, in this case, in which the M-model is selected, it is possible for the device to be used as an active ingredient.

Straff, aber nie ungehobelt

The replacement is not suitable for a BMW M135i with a full range of presses, but also for the Tatsache. The nature of the sport is modeled on and the nature of the skin is determined. It is possible to select the 19-zone feeder, and then the circuit is connected to the feedstock, with the same reference to the feedstock. Kein Poltern, keine Sidesteps. Tiptop!

Alternatively, the alternatives may be adapted from the following: Adaptive devices in the comfort mode are adapted to the operation, the geometry and the operation of the device being used to purchase a sports program.


Nein, die Zeiten sind vorbei.

Natürlich! The dynamics and dynamics of the so-called.

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Accordingly, only those fats, fahrfreude und Eierkuchen can be used. The technical equipment of the plant is also used as a plant. In this case, the goods are not covered by the provisions of this Regulation, which may be replaced by the same conditions as the Hockenheim ring.

Technical Data

BMW M135i xDrive
Grundpreis € 52,350
Außenmaße 4319 x 1799 x 1434 mm
Coffer volume 380 to 1200 l
Hubraum / Motor 1998 cm³ / 4-cylinder
Leistung 225 kW / 306 PS and 5000 rpm
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 250 km / h
Verbrauch 6.3 l / 100 km

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