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21 Jahre lang hat René Schoofs im Profikader der Bietigheim Steelers gespielt. The class at the DEL is derived from the 37-inch jetzt seine Schlittschuhe an den Nagel.

“In the case of Kassel, the final year shall be the following, in which case the following shall apply: ‘Berlin, Berlin in the territory of Berlin’ and the name of the former Del-Saison in the territory of Berlin. war was ganz Besonderes “, commented René Schoofs sein letztes Eishockeyspiel im Interview mit SWR Sport.

About 1,000 sets of steel rods in the middle of the league. Mehr Spiele im deutschen Unterhaus hat kein Spieler jemals zuvor absolviert. In this context, a 21-year career in the field of steel is also described as steel in the field, and in the case of steel, 15 or more clubs are used. Schoofs wurde mit den Steelers fünf Mal Zweitliga-Meister und zwei Mal Pokalsieger.

Schoofs beendet seine Karriere mit dem Klassenerhalt in der DEL

In Berlin, on 3 April, the applicant received a letter from the Commission. Bietigheim verliert zwar mit 1: 5, doch trotzdem feiert die Mannschaft mit den etwa 250 mitgereisten Gästefans den Klassenerhalt. “For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply without prejudice to the provisions of this Regulation.” For the purposes of this Regulation, the following conditions apply to the careers: ”

Derived from the provisions of the Treaty establishing the Community. Gut 14 Minutes of Steelers-Trainer Daniel Naud pro Spiel ein. It is known that the torso and the fruit have been treated. However, in the case of defensive employment, Sturmer is used.

Werden What is the name of the manufacturer of the steel record?

Seine Mitspieler before René Schoofs “Bürgermeister”. These are the same, so that the stems are present and the stems are fastened. It is possible to obtain a new generation of steel for the production of steel. Schoofs spielte gemeinsam with the 20-membered Robert Kneisler and the 21-membered Fabjon Kuqi in the first column. In this case, René Schoofs in the Jugendmannschaft der Steelers ausgebildet. “In this case, the Saison da waren die beiden gerade geboren”, says Schoofs schmunzelnd. “It is possible for the applicant to be informed as a record holder.

Rückenprobleme erschweren Schoofs Saison

Bereits im Februar fasste Schoofs den Entschluss, seine Karriere zu beenden. It is considered that there is a general problem of Article 37. “In February, the child was affected by the death of Saison before the war,” said Schoofs über die Beschwerden. In this case, Saison is considered to be a problem in which the Saison is used without further action. In this 21-year career, there was no shortage of results. “There was a war in the ground, but it did not work well.

Schoofs freut sich auf ein normales Alltagsleben

We work in Germany for a career that does not meet the needs of students, but also for the development of a career in the field of technology and the practical development of a job in the field. Ab Juli tritt er eine Vollzeitstelle an. I would like to see some of the most common herbs. The family was treated with a seed of Frau Cora, which was replaced by Sohn Elia. “In the case of such products, it is possible to use the same side as the one or more of the rods,” said Schoofs.

Seine Steelers wird Schoofs weiter rejection from the tribunal. Als Spieler is a well-known man. I would like to see you go to the office and do not want to go to the office. “I would like to say, if we have an enclosure, we will be able to do more,” said Schoofs. This is the case in the case of Saison wieder den Klassenerhalt seines Herzensvereins sehen, dürfte and iber auch dort nicht ruig im sitz halten.

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