Bicycle trolley is the candidate for: Dirk Leonhardt will release the Triathlon next time:

Unknown Image: Bei seinem neuesten Weltrekordversuch fährt Dirk Leonhard mit dem Rennrad auf dem Eis. The coaching staff is not in the world.

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Dirk Leonhardt is an Extremsportler. Since then, years have passed since the “Ultradad”, as the family history from Bruchköbel should not be included in the undisclosed disciplines in the new World Records. Your access to the World Wide Web goes beyond the 40-J Kontrigen Account. Doch Leonhardt has not left any news yet. Am Montag brought the next world record her.

Bruchköbel – In the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt you will leave the long Triathlon on one of the Eisfläche.

Dafür tauscht er die Schwimmhose gegen Schlittschuhe. And also the spare parts will be provided: Spikes sollen ihm Halt auf dem glatten Eis gewähren. The largest Betriebswirt plant for the 42.2 Kilometer Highway, 80 Kilometer Radfahren and 42.2 Kilometer Laufen elf bis zwölf Stunden ein.

From December to December you will enjoy the great Eisenacher on the other Triathlon before. This account is not perfect on all fronts. „Eislaufen has and naturally trained in the Eisporthalle. Wheelchairs in one of the overpasses, which are not trained at all. If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Ich bin mir zwar sicher, dass meine Spike-Reifen verhindern werden, dass ich ausrutsche. My great Sorge is aber, das das Fahrradfahren auf dem Eis unglaublich viel Energetie kostet, “gibt der Ultra-Triathlet Einblicke in seine Vorbereitung.

Vorhaben von Siberiaen in die Frankfurter Eissporthalle verlegt:

The Frankfurter Eissporthalle beat the vorhaben des Weltrekordjägers perfect Bedingungen. The adventurous Ausdauerathlet has also been able to provide other services for the world wide web as well: “My grief is just like being in the Baikalsee in Siberia. “It’s too much for me to know all about the political situation, not just the infrared.”

Langweilig d demrfte dem Familienvater während seines Rekordversuchs dennoch nicht werden. Immerhin muss er es schaffen, permanze die Konzentration hochzuhalten und seinen Körper auch durch extrem qualvolle Phasen des Triathlons zu bringen. In addition to the extreme limitations, the extreme sports cars are self-sufficient. Parts of the Ironman, 24-hour drive in Schwimmen, Radfahren and Laufen also bring the Triple Ultra Triathlon in Lensahn to bring Leonhardt and his Körper to a similar location. Doch die krasseste Erfahrung machte er bei seinem ersten Weltrekord, dem „Höhepunkt seiner Karriere“. The interior of the 45 Tagen is 200 Kilometers wide, 5 400 Kilometers Rad wide and 1,336 Kilometers wide. Damit holds the World Record for the longest running Triathlon, the most important of which.

To make a question free of the phrase: Do you really want to see it? Who wants to eat something new now? An item Antwort darauf hat is not. If you want to be a “Blumenstrauß an Motivation school”, they will: „Das wichtigste ist bei mir wohl die Abenteuerlust und die Neugier. Before the new Herausforderung star I have the Phrase: Can you open my body? Extreme locations operate well over the Willenskraft and the right Mindset. Ding sind Dinge, the man can train. Even if the corpus lute has been destroyed, it has not been more than enough, but with a mental Kniff spirit, new energy is flowing through the body. If any of the World Wide Web projects are completed this Mal Spenden for a well-designed project is complete. With a few Euros for the Kinderhospizarbeit or Kinderengel Rhein-Main, the money will be transferred to Leonhardt’s “Weltrekord-Rad”.

Dirk Leonhardts recorded and shared Record:

Record 1 (July 2020): Lsterngster Triathlon with 200 km Schwimmen, 5400 km Rad fahren, 1336 km Laufen im Rhein-Main-Gebiet

Record 2 (6./7. March 2021): L nonngster nonstop treppenlauf im Team mit Judith Gebkea Strich, 28: 6 Stunden ging es ohne Pause die Himmelsleiter in Gelnhausen-Haitz hoch und runter.

Record 3 (June 2021): Most Länder, which in the tags with the bicycle are ready. 15 L .nder. The route from Maastricht to the Netherlands to Dörfchen Kuqishte in Kosovo (Spenden für das SOS Kinderdorf in Tirana, Albania)

Record 4 (August 2021): Schnellster 100 Meter Lauf unter Wasser, 2:20 Minutes, im Heinrich-Fischer-Bad in Hanau (Spenden für die DLRG Hanau)

Record 5 (March 2022): Lsterngster Triathlon at one of the largest Kinderengel villages. Der Verein wurde am 22. April 2020 von acht Damen gegründet. The people support the children and the children. The child support Kindern etwa with a cost-benefit therapy for various therapies, such as Reitherapy, educational pedagogical training, special Wormsystems or Delfintherapy.

„Dankbarkeit is for me mental schon immer wichtig. It’s like a man, but he’s got a lot of selfishness. Although this project is very popular in Herzen, we want to have a good child and have a good judgment, as if Glück was a good person, but when Kinder says, “his motivation is right.

When Leonhardt wanted an Ultra-Triathlet and a multi-wheel drive helmet, they had to be very careful when it came to not owning anything. “I was very unsportsmanlike. Das habe ich mir immer selbst eingeredet, aber es auch eingeredet bekommen, “erinnert er sich an seine Schulzeit. First with 21 years is the first Mal with Ausdauerlaufen in Berührung gekommen.

A friend was es damals, der ihn dazu überredet hat, an einem Halbmarathon in Wismar an der Ostsee teilzunehmen. This time Leonhardt does not have any Laufschuhe. Dennoch schaffte er es ins Ziel und schwor sich nach dem Zieleinlauf und dem Muskelkater in den darauffolgenden Tagen, „nie wieder bei so was mitzumachen. To enlarge the raisins, both new and have extreme layouts for the stars. The best wartet am Montag auf ihn. (Von Nils Moock)

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