Bernd Schuster: Diesen Eintracht-Star könnte Barça gut gebrauchen – EINTRACHT FRANKFURT

SPORT BILD: Herr Schuster, wie hat Xavi Ihr Barça in nur fünf Monaten aus der Versenkung geholt?

Bernd Schuster (62): Indeed, the manure was then formed and treated with Barca DNA, and the mixture was treated as a mixture with Messi, Iniesta and Co. vorlebt.

Was it specific?

We technically connect the contacts with the ball contacts. It is possible to press the ball as far as possible and not to use the spheres. Xavi will be offensive and will be able to do so: Zudem hat eras das Auge, um seinen Kader realistisch einzuschätzen. Weil will be able to sell only the same type of Tiki-Taka, as well as Dembélé and Co. auch mal Flanken und lange Bälle spielen. Im Camp Nou ist das eigentlich verpönt, aber Xavi wird es verziehen.

On the 20th of January, at 2: 3 in Bilbao, the host. Also alles wieder gut?

In the world of the game, we are just looking for a barrier, this time the best time in Saisonphase – 4: 0 and Real Madrid in Bernabéu war extreme bee! They are intended to have a stable stability. Dass Xavi noch immer keine Stammelf hat, ist sinnbildlich.

Is it possible to also have a chance?

Mit Blick auf Barças Situation definitiv! Frankfurt must not be used as a superstars for trade fairs, including the Neymar Wall. The Xavis Team was formed from the ground and was equipped with the machine. To Galatasaray in the center of the country, the camp is located in the center of the country. In these videos, the game is located in Frankfurt, where it is not even right.

Übernehmen Sie bitte die Analyse.

However, it is not possible to use the press and the grease as described above for the purpose of obtaining an all-in-one application. What the individual class is said to be a cost-effective approach to the situation. Auch Standards sind ein Mittel – defensiv ist das seren Jahren Barcelonas Achillesferse.

Were sollte Frankfurt also auftreten?

Cooling is possible: These are supposed to be supernatural to the pediatrician and the skin is nervous, and they are not very nervous, so that they can be used for a few minutes. Ich aus meinen Spielen gegen Barcelona, ​​wie grausam das ist. For the first time, it is possible to use a large part of the trap.


Nicht die feine englische Art
The transfer to the Aubameye is a transfer transfer

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The ex-works have been completed in Barcas Besten.

Dass sie den geholt haben, war so wichtig! The purchase of the product and the transfer of ferrules to the sturgeon caused a problem. Koeman Luste de Jong spielen lasen, sehr zum Leidwesen der Fans. However, this is not the case with the war on Ronald. Aubameyang hätte ich gerne als Mittelstürmer an der Seite von Messi gesehen! This technology is all about perfect absoluteness with the help of a soccer ball, a pair of links and handles …

Könnte Barça auch einen Eintracht-Profi brauchen?

Hinteregger. The innervation is carried out in Stelle, Barcelona, ​​and the quality of the mussel. Hintereggers Profil würde dem Team gut stehen. Leistungstechnisch könnte es vielleicht wirklich reichen.

Eine Abwehr-Kante wie Martin Hinteregger würde Barcelona laut Schuster weiterhelfen

Eine Abwehr-Kante wie Martin Hinteregger würde Barcelona laut Schuster weiterhelfen


Wird Barcelona Frankfurt unterschätzen?

Das wäre das Schlimmste! Ich denke aber nicht. Xavi isted a shortcut of the type and number of bans in the genus. The name of the Barca in the Europa League is Zusatzmotivation: It is possible to enter the European Champions League and the Clubs Club. In the case of a major opportunity, the Saison, in the case of Real Madrid and the Liga, will be relieved.


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