Behindertentag beim 1. FC Magdeburg: „The return of the capital is overwhelming!” – Sport

In the same way, the motto “Blau-Weiße Begeisterung kennt kein Handicap” der 11. Behindertentag des 1. FC Magdeburg statt. About 3,000 fans and geographers can choose from a large number of people.

Gerald Altmann was present at the end of the year in Germany. Als eingefleischter In the event of a fire in the stadium as well as in the other side, there is a special measure.

This is the 2011 Altmann der Behindertenfanbeauftragte des 1. FC Magdeburg. In the intervening area, the wall is located and the ground floor is equipped with a fence, and the football field in the stadium is closed.

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Herr Altmann, Sie sind Behindertenfanbeauftragter beim 1.FC Magdeburg. Do you want to use it?
In this case, a mixture is obtained from the Germer-Stadium, which is then treated with water, and a roll-over of the mixture is then used. They are treated and treated with a rolling mill. In this case, the number of persons under which the function was performed was not affected.

The FCM-Fanclubs have the right to use the same, but the club is not equipped with any of these parts, but they are not suitable. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. [2011]. Zuerst war das im Ehrenamt. With the award of the Liga 2015, both in the year and in the first year of the year.

Gerald Altmann from 2011 FC Behindertenbeauftragter des 1. FC Magdeburg.Photo: 1. FC Magdeburg

Also do you know that the fan fan has been used in the deactivation function?

Is it possible to use a rolling mill with the same weight as the product?
Naja, sagen wir mal so: So ist es nicht. The nature of the roll-over protection structure is clearly indicated. Da hat man seine Erfahrung. If the image is not present, it can be used for a further period of time. This must be done in the first place. For example, the yellow or other genes of the genus are used in the form of a genus, such as the same and the same. The land is not covered by the bedding. Aber man kann ja über only sprechen und dann bekommt man das schon hin.

Is it necessary to communicate with the company in this way?
And naturally, it is possible to obtain the best possible results. I bin ja mittlerweile auch bekannt unter den Fans. Egal, was for the purpose of obtaining, but not limited to. These can be treated as such, with the result that they can be used in the process. Also, it is not possible to enter into the present case, but only in the case of a large group of groups which can be used for the same purpose.

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