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In this context, Viertel sorgt für den Ko des FC Bayern München in der Basketball-Euroleague. The FC Barcelona may not be recognized as a Topstar.


The basketball players of the FC Bayern Munich were relegated to the Euroleague competition.

In this case, Viertel sorgte für 72:81 (37:31) -Niederlage im Entscheidungsspiel in the title Barcelona FC and dem 2: 3 in the Best-of-Five-Series in the field of Catalan. Während Barcelona im Final Four (May 19/21 in Belgrade) will be represented by Andrea Trinchieri from the Euroleague-Saison team.

Pesic: “Riesen-Respekt an die Mannschaft”

“Riesen-Respekt an die Mannschaft”, by Bayo-Geschäftsführer Marko Pesic bei Magentasport. “It is natural that the substance has been removed from the body.

The preferred recipients were registered in Munich. Allergies were carried out at 2: 7 (4th minute). At 11: 0 a.m., the match was awarded to the matchmaker and the match ended at 19:18.

For the Barca-President Joan Laporta was joined by the Clubs in Germany and the Gelegenheiten ungenutzt. To this end, the test is performed, and Nick Weiler-Babb and Ognjen Jaramaz are taken during the break with the final distance to Bayern with 37:31 in the groupage. “In the context of the war in the Order”, the Coach Trinchieri in der Halbzeitpause.

Mirotic sorghum for die

Doch Bayern has been on a break from the NBA-Profi Nikola Mirotic nicht in den Griff. The Italian spokesman for the Chicago Bulls has been the subject of a decision by Nicolas Laprovittola, Italy. For this purpose, the German version of the agreement applies. Daher ging Barcelona dank 29:15 im dritten Viertel mit einem Acht-Punkte-Vorsprung in den Schlussabschnitt.

In particular, the Mirotic sorghum can be used as a barrier for the production of barley. The requirements of the Bayern area are not limited to the spanier of the class. Best Seller in the Munich War Othello Hunter mit 18 Punkten. For example, Laprovittola (26 zähler) und Mirotic (20) are selected as points for Barcelona. (dpa)

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