Balinger Tafelladen: Combined requests for Ukrainian flights – Balingen & Umgebung

Marion Schmidt (from the links), Thomas Hölzel and Mike Buck agree, that the old return of the food industry for the table to socialize at the hands of the customers of the Balinger table can be determined by the most expensive shopping opportunities. Photo: Breisinger

The old stream of the flies from Ukraine also has massive outbursts on the work of Balinger Tafelladens. The bishop 300 to 350 employees with 100 stones are 100 children and 80 adults from Ukraine.

Balingen – Der Balinger Tafelladen has services and breakfasts between 14 and 17 o’clock. There are also some people with special needs, employees of the Employment Service II, Social and Fundamental Services, as well as people with special financial notices with tableware. The bearer of the Tafelladens is the Evangelical Church of the Assumption, the Catholic Church of the Holy Virgin Heilig Geist and the Förderverein Balinger Tafel.

Ukrainian personal rights are very popular

Bisher reicht Flüchtlingen der ukrainische Personalausweis, um als Busürftige anerkannt zu werden. “On the occasion of the roofing of Germany, the frame of mind is the only one for the three months ago. , Mike Buck.

One of the long-term activities can be found in the following: It is recommended for Ukrainians to be based on Schengener’s recommendations, but not limited to the possibility of a job, but also to understand the reasons for speaking.

Round 30 Percent weniger Lebensmittelspenden

Similar to the number of employees in a round of 30 percent. Dabei is the fastest working teacher to complete. “Amendments to the disposition, general high-quality production, direct delivery in Ukraine and hamsters”, said Buck as the basis for this summary. “So long ago I was on the border,” he said. He will be able to “consume” and “consume”.

“We have our own tours and ride our festivals, but if we have any questions in the question,” Marktleiter Thomas Hölzel said. The table will be built together with “Food Sharern”.

Festa Unterstüzzer are the well-known discounters and many regional food dealers, bakers, butchers and private owners. Edeka Kuhn has a unique action for Balinger Tafelladen and Leben.

Cheap colors are great

“Spend – spend – spend”, lautet jetzt die Davise. “We don’t have any overflow,” Hölzel said. Schon jetzt werde es zum Ende der Öffnungszeiten des Ladens eng mit der Warenauswahl. “If you know more, then you can’t just read more, but we will always be able to do something in the week, but you will not be able to do anything. Our motto is always light and you need to think about it.”

The table clerk looks at Sorge in the future: “Es besteht die Gefahr von sozialem Unfrieden,” says Buck. “Fruhher bekamen alle Bedürftigen zwei, drei Pakete von uns. Yetzt gibt es diese Anzahl nur noch für Familien, für Einzelpersonen gibt es nur noch eines. .Or Ärger bekommen dann oft wir Mitarbeiter ab “, berichtet die langjährige Mitarbeiterin Marion Schmidt.

Employees are given the opportunity to work

Also important is that Buck and Hölzel on a large number of employees can be found, the men, the social students are able, as well as practitioners and the job center Zugteilten is supported. “For the evening we know that on the opening day we can still clean the cleaning staff for two hours. But there are some more things to do in the evening. Ohne diese treuen Seelen gehe es nicht, denn an Öffnungstagen würden allein fünf bis sechs Mitarbeiter für die Aufbereitung der Speisen und zwei, drei Mitarbeiter für den Verkauf benötigt. A person lives in a state of mind, but he will only be able to find a customer.


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