Balinger Gartenschau: Rosenfelder Verein erschafft duftendes Insektenparadis – Balingen & Umgebung

Gute Laune has been scheduled for the Melliferas plant. Law in the picture: Project leader Nick Leukhardt. Photo: Bossenmaier

The Rosenfelder Verein Mellifera is presented at the Balinger Gartenschau as a blooming insect paradise near the Bauhofs. In this Paradise are honigl Honig- als auch Wildbienen zuhause. The helper has more than 200 buildings in the Erde area, a trench wall is in the distance.

Balingen – Blühende Sträucher, duftende Stauden and ganz viele summende, flatternde und krabbelnde Insekten: Mellifera möchte dafür ein Bestäuberparadies in den Erlebnisauen schaffen.

The following letters can be found in: 13 members of the Vereins plant the trees. Don’t forget if you want to kill and kill.

“Was man liebt, das shchutzt man”

“Well, you are a fascinating animal – not just for people. We have the experience of hunting, but also Honig- as well as wild animals, and you can still know and give a treat to an archetypal and blooming landscaping, looking for a good job.” Mellifera.

For them – as well as their well-deserved master in the project team – the garden show is the perfect opportunity, possibly many people to love and enjoy the flowers. “I love it, it protects me. And so we will be able to read it as much as possible, the opportunity for the importance of an archetypal environment for the future,” said Leukhardt.

Vielfalt spigelt sich in der Gestaltung wider

Vielen Menschen from the region is Mellifera vor allem durch den Schutz der Honigbienen ein Begriff – dabei bietet der Rosenfelder Verein mit Sitz an der Fischermühle mit seinen drei Initiativen viel mehr. The team of “Bienen machen Schule” informs pedagogical projects, which inform about the “Hiesengemäßen Bienenhaltung” round about alternative forms of education, and the active members of the network “Blühende Landschaft” and others. Diese Vielfalt des Vereins siegelt sich auch in der Gestaltung des Beitrags in den Erlebnisauen wider.

A small amount of information about the recommended environment

“We are happy, a friend like Mellifera is waiting for us on the garden show. In addition, with other natures, we can be our visitors to chemical animals and other life-sustaining people.” Surrounded by house, can be found with Stolz, that we can read more, “says Carolin Lenzser, Team Gartenschau, Fachbereich Ausstellung und Betrieb.

Viel Futter für Biene, Hummel, Schmetterling & Co.

In the center of Mellifer’s gesture area in the vicinity of the Bauhofs is a rebellious well-trodden Trockenmauer with occasional rooms for other insects. Umrahmt von blühenden Strüuchern und Stauden ist viel Futter für Biene, Hummel, Schmetterling & Co. In addition, I will be able to find a honigbienenvol in the typical Mellifera-Einraumbeute of his home in the Erlebnisauen.

The flexible number of workers can be included in the work on the Schulter – the exclusions are included. Groß and Klein are also open to the public, many of them are very popular, including the interactive elements, as well as elements in the pavilion and the frames of the green classrooms.

Mellifera is presented at the 1-year-old festival

This year, more than a year ago, it was no longer until the opening of the Balinger Gartenschau on Friday, May 5, 2023. Mellifera is still sitting in the Gartenschau-Fieber. After the first hours of work, the helpers were never summed up and the posts were published.

Einsten ersten Eindruck davon, wie dieser aussehen wird, konnen Interesierte am Sonntag, 8. Mai, gewinnen, wenn sich Mellifera im Rahmen des 1-Jahr-vorher-Fests auf dem dem Balinger Marktplatz présentiert.


The 1-year-old festival on the Balinger market square with the bürgern, the exciting actuaries and exhibitions, the team members and all, at the Gelingen der Gartenschau 2023 will be held. It starts on Sunday, May 8, at 11 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. A large stage can be built, there are special stands, and there are building offers for garden plots.


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