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Yvonne Arras blatttert in historical acts. The city archivist is free, but they are not active in their new buildings. Photo: Maier

The Balinger City Archive is complete. Neben den Akten der Kernstadt kommen auch diejenigen aus den Ortsteilen darin unter. Archivist Yvonne Arras freut sich, darin nun loslegen zu können.

Balingen – Wer zu Yvonne Arras ins neue Balinger Stadtarchiv will, muss derzeit noch den Hintereingang nutzen. Und auch der ist wegen der anhaltenden Bauarbeiten nicht eben barrierefrei: Man muss sich zwischen Gerüsten durchschlängeln, um zur Tür zu kommen. It is a drin, atmet and spürt man frische Luft: The archival building is practically practical. “Endlich”, says Arras, die mit ihren Mitarbeitern nach monatelangem Homeoffice seit wenigen Tagen dort tätig sein kann.

Construction by Schimpf-Reinhardt

Until December 2021, the Balinger City Archives on Charlottenstrasse are located. In a building, the apartment building is built – and, of course, it is very important for the storage of valuable goods from the city. The property is located in the city archives near the Provisorium. The building is medium in size, and there is a further living block of the Denkinger area. The Balinger Archive was built by Hans Schimpf-Reinhardt, published in 2017.

Near the Zollernschloss

The historic Balinger Vermächtnis does not have to build a new building in its new building – with wooden glass facades in the backyard and clinker facades. There are also suitable rooms: near the Zollernschloss, which is home to the Wagen Museum as well as the Zechntscheuer, the Museum of City History. Baubeginn was born in September 2020. The new City Archive is located in the name of Arthur Eppler, the city of Millions of people. Also located in the front of the garden show is a sleek square road, above the well-maintained Uferweg route. High water protection is also a building.

Schick and functional

Beim Rundgang mit Arras durch die neuen Räume wird deutlich, wie zum einen schick und zum anderen funkctional da Gebäude geworden ist. Fast schon ein Traum sei es, sagt Arras – sie ist, das merkt man schnell, sehr stolz auf ihre neue Arbeitsstätte. Also in Balingen there are some archives only in Hechingen and Albstadt and the Kreisarchiv, but there are modern and modern ones in the Kreisstadt – and there are some for this Zweck building, but with well-preserved temples. More than two million Euros cost of buildings.

“No closed company”

In the first grade, you can find the living room, you can study interesting acts and enjoy microfilm. There are also offices of the tax collector and a large lobby, in which exhibitions and events can be found. The archive is only available to the public – “we are not a closed company”, so Arras. Und dort befindet sich der Quarantäne-Raum – giedacht für shimmlige Unterlagen.

Last changes from the 14th year

Purchase books, records, photos, community protocols, newspaper groups, school documents and associations: The records of the archives are the most important of the 14 years. The beach is just around the corner. Other information: The files of the next 30 years can also be found on the beach, in addition to the opening, through the continuous digitization of each other’s regular meter.

Central Balinger Archive

The City Archive is also located in the central archives of Balingens, but is also located in the suburbs. be generous. The best places are in good condition, must have been restored by the restorer.

The building was completely closed

More than 2,000 cartons with subdivisions have been added to the old location and new buildings, a “craft bar” for you, so Arras. Und der Kraftakt dauert an: Manche Kartons sind noch nicht ausgepackt, stehen in den Fluren. And of course, the closed building is not closed yet – in the next week, everything is finished. Damit mannn zur Einweihung, die für September geplant ist, das Beväude nicht mehr durch die Hintertür, sondern durch den Haupteingang betreten kann.


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