Baiersbronner Regiopraxis: Als Leuchtturmprojekt ausgezeichnet – Baiersbronn & Umgebung

Der Preisträger der Sparte “Versorgung kreativ”, Wolfgang von Meißner, (Mitte) mit Dominik von Stillfried, Zi-Vorstandsvorsitzender, und Annette Rommel, Zi-Kuratoriumsvorsitzende. Photo: © BILDSCHÖN / Runge

The Central Institute for Social Insurance (Zi) has three well-known models of outpatient insurance with the title “Excluded Health 2022” for the first time at the “House of Spritzenhaus – Regiopraxis KVBW”.

Baiersbronn – Insgeamt zehn regionalne projekte aus ganz Deutschland hatten sich um die Innovacijepreise in den Categories “Versorgung digital”, “Versorgung in der Pandemie” und “Versorgung creative”. About 400 of the Alliance Forum in Berlin-Mitte .

Images for reform

“Some of the proposed projects have been implemented, and the above-mentioned reforms have been adopted,” said Dominik von Stillfried, of the Zi-Vorstandsvorsitzende. People, working, fasting and safe. We have three prey stories, but all the projects of the evening have been given the opportunity to create a great publicity. “

In Sparte “creative supply” is the “Baierbronner Model” of the house at the Spritzenhaus (Regiopraxis KVBW) of the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung (KV) Baden-Württemberg as Sieger hervor. The Baiersbronner Arzt Wolfgang von Meißner was nominated and nominated by the KV Baden-Württemberg and was extradited to Berlin, and the Allianz Forum project directly at the Brandenburger Tor was hosted by the audience.

In Baiersbronn, the historic fire station, the spritzenhaus, and the health center are located in the Baiersbronn district, and a comprehensive accommodation is provided. In the House of Practice, the current elf is firmly involved in the work of employees and the delegation of employees to the medical staff of a central primary care department. Work 20 medical professionals and a “Physician Assistant” student on the team.

Signal to the expert angel

About 30 students have been selected for cooperation. We are not only signaling the expertise and the promotion of the company, but also the cooperation in cooperation with the local police for the future, which is in the press release.

Part of the “Baiersbronner Models” are also “the third at the Reichenbach – Medi-MVZ GmbH” in the Ortsteil Klosterreichenbach and the new Praxis Hägele in the Ortsteil Mitteltal. In his career, the master of the Baiersbronner also practiced the Corona-Schwerpunktpraxis practice: “Als großes Team kann man Großes leisten.”

Since March 4, 2020, more than 20,000 PCR cuts and surveys have been made in the small garage of the Spritzenhaus. The practice began on the 8th of March with a year of bad weather in Germany. Until today, more than 50,000 people have been crowned by the Crown, practicing and many other children. The good impfquote of the Freudenstadt Land District is back.

Great interest

In the case of politicians and politicians, he was able to take part in the press service of the house in the Spritzenhaus, as well as in the Kindergarten Freudenstadt, and before all the many medical scholarship holders of the City Council. “It’s very cool, but I’m not from Berlin to take the star gastronomy to Baiersbronn,” said Wolfgang von Meißner. .

Am Rande der Veranstaltung wurden bereits Besuchstermine in Baiersbronn vereinbart. Specially, so the housekeepers at the spritzenhaus, freue sich dann auch die Sternegastronomie über zusätzliche hochkarätige Gäste aus Berlin und dem Rest der Republik.

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