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The glass cabinet can be used according to the concept of the Brüder Nafz concept – as well as possibly as possible – as a stock picker again. Photo: Michel

The Stöckerkopf in Baiersbronn is located next to the new Investors and its project from the hotel, mountain railway and hut to the tourist attraction.

Baiersbronn – The descriptions under the general statement of the burghermaster Michael Ruf and the investors Lukas and Sebastian Nafz of the Nafz Enterprises GmbH from Horb-Talheim (as reported) are read quickly. It follows the planning and arrangement for the hotel concept on the Baiersbronner Hausberg.

We have a comprehensive press conference with the representatives of the municipality and the new investors, but it is also possible to build a new pendulum train, which has a round trip of 40 guests. “We want to be able to run a train station, but we are very special. But we have a great experience, but there are only a few of the stocks left over, but I don’t know the overall project,” said Sebastian Nafz. The mountain trail, the hut and the total of 21 planned chalets can only be used separately. See if the components are combined and in the form and optics on the typical Nordschwarzwälder Baustil to orient.

Concepts for energy and water generated

The famous brothers, who come from the timber construction, need material from the region and the construction work as well as possible. “We also use energy, water and water concept products, we have a lot of good ideas, we are so environmentally friendly that we can have a good time,” said Nafz. You are very, not against the region, without any burgers and benefits to develop – it is only a “win-win situation”.

The projects are located in the planning area. Daher wollten die neuen Investoren noch nicht ganz so viel sagen oder gar zeigen, einige Details nannten sie dennoch. “We plan a new berth on top of the stokerkopt. Dort, where the old Glasmännlehütte is located, is located in the central building. It can be modern, and in addition to the block of flats it can be seen again and again.” .

Provided in the construction plan

Bürgermeister Michael Ruf writes in his opinion that this is the most important construction plan for 2010. In fact, there are some precautions for the construction of the stockpiles with the planted chalets, the natural beaches are worth it. For Chalet you can stay until three nights. Ruf erkrärte, dass die Gemeinde und die Gebrüder Nafz bis zum Eöffnungsziel der Gartenschau im Jahr 2025 das Projekt gemeinsam vorantreiben wollen, danach werden die de Anlagen von der Firma Nafz Betrieben. “We are also involved in the planning of the railway,” said Ruf.

“We are very interested in finding a project partner for the region, and the wood industry is still open,” said the mayor. Ruf spraw von einem “Meilenstein auf dem Weg zu einem touristischen Highlight”. We are together with all the people who want to take care of all the baron bronzers. His thanks to Patrick Schreib, director of tourism, without his engagement, he is not at this point. The description is self-evident, but the destination is a destination. It is important to know about the total development of the region.

Ziel: Spatenstich in a year

Landtagsabgeordnete Katrin Schindele (CDU) spoke about a “light project” and certainly supported by: “Das ist eine superspannende Sache, und ich werde dort helfen, wo es möglich ist.” Schindele wurde erst vor kurzem als Vorsitzende des Landesfachausschusses für Tourismus gehählt. You are sure that in this country you are afraid of this region.

In addition to the question, how many of the brothers Nafz is, the sports schedule until the opening of the year 2025 can be found, according to Sebastian Nafz, who is naturally one of the most important factors. “We have through our company many partners here in the region. Daher hoffen we, das we das auch hinbekommen.” It is important to note that the spatenstich in May or June in the commemorative year of the year, the Bau was worth a day before.

Rodelhang possible

According to reports, it is also a matter of winter sports. Allergings are not available in the other chairlifts, and the snowy winter is the most popular year, but there is no potential location. “A ski resort is not open, but it is overhauled, a part of the hangs as well as the roller coaster,” said Bürgermeister Ruf.

The Hotel “Das Stöcker”, the mountain railway with its new stations and the new Stöckerkophütte is located by a team of the company Nafz Enterprises plantation and accommodation. It is a good idea to provide all the information and information on the project in detail. Even before the summer break, according to Bürgermeister Michael Ruf, we will be able to provide additional project details in an open summary.


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