Baiersbronn Open Air: Silbermond trifft auf Lukas Graham – Baiersbronn & Umgebung

Silbermond packs the life of a generation from Songs. Photo: Jens Koch

Zweimal war es wegen der Pandemie verschoben worden, nun steht am Samstag, 25. Juni, das vierte Baiersbronn Open Air auf dem Programm. Neben Headliner Silbermond stands Lukas Graham on the stage.

Baiersbronn – Event of the Open Air is the Baiersbronn Touristik. The cooperation partner is again Radio Regenbogen. As the Baiersbronn Tourist is informed in a press release, you can also see the open Baiersbronn Open Air. The cards from the previous year are valid. Lena, who came to Silbermond and Murgtal as well, will not be able to stay at Open Air. You have your share for 2022. Your tickets can be redeemed from this land, you can also go to the various pre-sales offices.

Competitive lift

2004 featured frontwoman Stefanie Kloß (song), the brothers Johannes (bass) and Thomas Stolle (guitar, piano) and Andreas Nowak (song) the hit “Through the Night” with the long debut album “Verschwende eine Zein” and began commune hold on the German charthimmel. Silbermond schaffe es wie keine andere Formation, die Gefühlswelt einer besonderen Generation in Worte zu fassen, heißt es wieiter in der Ankündigung.

Also in the GDR, watch the four in the German-German country on. In German texts from the same spring, Silbermond Themes is like love, search and partnership with biographical findings and critical views on the developments in politics and the world.

Understanding of decades and many excerpts can be found in Silbermond. This album contains the current album “Schritte”. Also in this silbermond there is a long mix of lightness and warmth, euphoria and melancholy, from beruhren, without preaching. 2022 go to Silbermond on the Open Air Tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and go to the 25th June Station in Baiersbronn.

Ethical indications

The list of shows for the Danish Superstar Lukas Graham is well-known, unique in the middle of nowhere.

In 2011, four schoolchildren came to the front of the front doorman Lukas Forchhammer. Schon das erste officizielle Album erhielt nach kurzer Zeit Goldstatus. In the coming years, there are 18 Platinum Awards on major continents, a Grammy nomination and 6.2 billion streams worldwide. Lukas Graham is on long way to sell world tours on the big stages.

The musical style of Lukas Graham is multifaceted and combines Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and Pop. With its current song “All of it”, the marker Lukas Graham is on the back of all the back pages of the popular page and opens the door to one of the most important capitals – currently running the works on a new album.

The Baiersbronn Open Air starts on Saturday, June 25, at 5 pm with the opening in the Concert Hall at the Festplatz Aue. From 19 o’clock a DJ goes to the warm-up. Around 20 o’clock starts Lukas Graham on the stage. At 9.30 pm, a funeral home was opened, before 10 pm, the show of Silbermond starts. From 11.30 pm to 1 o’clock the DJs are still up.

The Open Air will be accepted. The guest house is home to the Trachtenblasorchester, the Accordion Games, the Narrenzunft, the Sports Club and the Baiersbronn Fireworks and the Röt Schönegründ Music Council.


Tickets are available at the Baiersbronn Touristik am Rosenplatz as well as at all Zweigstellen and at the Baiersbronn Hiking Information Center also at Schwarzwälder Botten under Ticket Hotline 07423/787 90 and at It is also available Tickets available. The Baiersbronn Touristik is recommended, but it is not too late.

Youth protection

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